Medical Power of Attorney in Washington State—The Essentials

Advance Health Care Directive Medical Power of Attorney in Washington State—The Essentials

Everything You Should Know About a Medical Power of Attorney in Washington State

If you want to ensure your preferences regarding medical treatment are honored and help your family make tough medical decisions in challenging situations, you must think ahead. The best way is to create a legal document that contains all the information on how you want to be treated if in a serious condition.

The rules and regulations for this particular agreement vary from one state to another, so you should follow the local laws to get an enforceable document. Use DoNotPay to draw up a medical power of attorney in Washington State the easiest way.

What Is a Medical Power of Attorney in Washington State?

A medical power of attorney (medical POA) is a type of advance directive that allows you to appoint another person to make health care decisions for you if you cannot communicate your wishes.

This document usually takes effect when you become incapacitated and only lasts for as long as you cannot take care of yourself. You can also make one for your children in case you want to grant someone the power to decide on your behalf while you are away or are in any other way unable to participate.

A medical power of attorney goes by other names, including:

If you want to resolve any further dilemmas regarding the potential state-specific differences among these documents, such as the health care proxy vs. power of attorney confusion, we offer various helpful articles in our Learning Center.

Who Can You Appoint as Your Agent in Washington State?

Your agent can be any individual over 18 years of age. The most important quality you should look for in a proxy is trustworthiness. People usually opt for their spouses, adult children, or close friends, but a legal professional or an impartial third party may also be suited for the role.

Is a Living Will Different From a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care in Washington State?

A living will is another type of advance directive that’s similar to a medical power of attorney. The difference is that you do not need to appoint anyone as your agent if you opt for a living will in Washington State. It clearly expresses your wishes about medical treatments to health care professionals directly.

This document usually comes into effect when you are near death. You will need specific instructions on how to create a living will and should be aware of the possible cost. DoNotPay has all the information about the living will form as well.

How To Create a Medical Power of Attorney in Washington

Several options are available for creating a medical POA in Washington State. The following table offers the essential details:

Create a Medical POA By:Relevant Points
Drawing it up yourself
  • Requires sufficient legal knowledge
  • Your document can turn out to be invalid if you don’t compose it properly
Hiring a lawyer
  • Provides the wanted results
  • Is extremely expensive
Using DoNotPay
  • Gets you the wanted results
  • Saves you money
  • Generates the agreement instantly

How Do You Make a Medical Power of Attorney Enforceable in Washington?

To make a medical POA valid in Washington, you need to either:

  1. Sign your document in the presence of two adult witnesses who are not:
    • Related to you
    • Entitled to any portion of your estate
    • Your physician or an employee of a medical facility caring for you
  2. Sign and acknowledge your document before a notary public

Use DoNotPay To Create a Medical Power of Attorney in Washington

If you are looking for a straightforward and affordable way to create an airtight medical POA in Washington, look no further than DoNotPay. We will compose a legal document tailored according to your wishes in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to use complicated forms to get the results. Here are the only steps you need to take:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Select the Advance Health Care Directive product
  3. Appoint your agent and type in other relevant medical information
  4. Tell us what powers you want to transfer to your agent
  5. Enter the names of the individuals who will witness the signing

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