What Do You Need To Know About a Medical Power of Attorney in Utah?

Getting Acquainted With a Medical Power of Attorney in Utah

Creating a medical power of attorney in Utah is simple with proper guidelines. This manual teaches you about the basics of this document and shows you how to for composing any state-specific health care directive in a hassle-free way!

What Is a Utah Power of Attorney for Health Care?

A medical power of attorney is a document enabling you to appoint a third party to make decisions about your health care if you can’t decide for yourself. In Utah, it’s called a health care power of attorney, while in other states, it’s also known as a medical or health care proxy.

The person you choose acts as your health care agent or surrogate. If you become incurably ill or permanently unconscious due to an injury or disease, they will be responsible for deciding on your medical care.

An appointment of an agent can be oral or written, but it’s highly recommended to do the latter—it will be simpler to defend it if it gets compromised. The signing of the document should be witnessed by one disinterested adult who isn’t:

  1. Your:
    1. Heir
    2. Relative or spouse
    3. Health care agent
    4. Health care financier
    5. Medical care provider
  2. Person you authorized to sign documents for you
  3. Beneficiary of your:
    1. Trust
    2. Qualified plan
    3. Life insurance policy
    4. Pay on death account
    5. Transfer on death deed
  4. Someone who would benefit financially from your death in any way
  5. Owner or administrator of the nursing home or medical care facility where you reside

Is There an Approved Utah Medical Power of Attorney Form?

Yes, the State of Utah provides an all-in-one form called Utah advance health care directive. Besides a Utah health care power of attorney, it includes a Utah living will form.

If you only want to appoint a health care agent, it’s possible to skip the living will and complete only the health care power of attorney form. You can change your health care directive as long as you are mentally capable of making your own health care decisions.

Note that you can’t use a health care proxy as a regular (financial) power of attorney since it’s related to medical care choices only.

Who Can You Name as Your Health Care Surrogate in Utah?

Your health care agent should be a trusted adult who will act in your best interest. In most cases, it’s a family member, spouse, adult child, or a close friend.

Individuals who can’t act as your health care surrogate are:

  • Witnesses to your medical power of attorney
  • Your health care provider
  • Owner or operator of the medical care facility where you reside
  • Employee in a nursing home or medical care facility you attend

What Can or Can’t Your Health Care Agent Do?

Here is what your health care agent can or can’t decide about concerning your medical care:

A Health Care Surrogate CanA Health Care Surrogate Can’t
  • Hire or dismiss medical personnel
  • Withhold or withdraw specific treatments and medications, such as:
    • Artificial nutrition
    • Antibiotics and dialysis
    • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    • Convulsive therapy
    • Psychoactive drugs
  • Get copies of your medical records
  • Communicate with health care workers
  • Allow treatments and interventions that you didn’t approve of
  • Allow a pregnancy termination
  • Make choices about any medical care aspect not mentioned in your health care power of attorney

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