How To Draft a High-Level Medical Power of Attorney in TN

Advance Health Care Directive How To Draft a High-Level Medical Power of Attorney in TN

A Secret to a Perfectly Composed Medical Power of Attorney in TN

If you suffer an accident or get sick and become unable to make your own health care choices, someone will have to decide on your behalf. You can legally designate a person to do it by creating a medical power of attorney, in some states also known as a health care proxy.

All states have specific requirements your document must meet to be valid. This article focuses on the basics of a medical power of attorney in Tennessee by answering the following questions:

  • What is the Tennessee medical power of attorney?
  • How to choose witnesses for a medical proxy in Tennessee?
  • What elements should the document include?

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What Is a Medical Power of Attorney in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, a medical power of attorney is called a durable power of attorney for health care or an appointment of a health care agent. It represents a legally binding document that allows you to pick a person who can make medical care decisions based on your wishes and preferences. Such a form becomes effective if you:

  • Are terminally ill
  • Become permanently unconscious
  • Suffer from an illness that prevents you from thinking or speaking clearly or recognizing your loved ones

Your health care agent can make choices related to any aspect of your future health care unless you impose specific limitations to their power. They can be your family member, friend, partner, adult child, or any other person mature enough to bear this responsibility, excluding:

  • Your conservator
  • Your health care provider
  • People working for your health care provider

A Tennessee durable power of attorney isn’t the same as a financial power of attorney or a living will. These are different types of health care directives, but you can combine them according to your wishes.

Signing Requirements for a Tennessee Medical Power of Attorney

Section 34.6 of the Tennessee Statute mandates that a durable health care power of attorney:

  1. Is in writing
  2. States the date of execution
  3. Is signed by the principal—a person transferring their health care powers to the health care agent

You must have two witnesses sign the document or have your signature attested by a notary public.

Who Can Witness Your TN Medical Power of Attorney?

Not everyone can witness your durable health care power of attorney. The table below helps you determine who to choose for this assignment:

None of Your Witnesses Should BeAt Least One of Your Witnesses Shouldn’t Be
  • Minor
  • Your health care agent
  • Your health care provider
  • Employee of your health care provider
  • Operator of the health care institution you reside in
  • Person of unsound mind
  • Your heir
  • Related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption

What Should Your Tennessee Health Care Power of Attorney Include?

Here are the sections every comprehensive power of attorney for health care in Tennessee should contain:

  1. The general statement confirming that you are appointing a particular person as your health care agent
  2. Legal name, address, and contact details of
    1. Designated health care agent
    2. Alternate agent, who will decide on your behalf if a primary agent can’t or doesn’t want to do it
  3. Signatures of both primary and alternate agents
  4. Signatures of both witnesses
  5. Effective date
  6. County
  7. Notary’s statement and signature (if you choose a notary instead of witnesses)

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