The Ins and Outs of a Medical Power of Attorney in Oklahoma

Advance Health Care Directive The Ins and Outs of a Medical Power of Attorney in Oklahoma

A Medical Power of Attorney—Oklahoma Rules Obeyed

Planning ahead is a smart choice as it might prevent unnecessary complications. If you don’t create a living will, health care proxy, or advance directive, you might let unreliable people decide on your health care.

To ensure a person you trust makes health care decisions for you when you cannot, you should draw up a medical power of attorney in Oklahoma. This article explains what aspects to pay attention to and how to generate this document smoothly.

Do You Need an Oklahoma Medical Power of Attorney?

You should prepare an Oklahoma medical power of attorney (POA) to:

  1. Appoint a health care agent—This person will make decisions about your health care in case you:
    1. Cannot decide for yourself
    2. Are terminally ill or incapacitated
  2. Name an alternate health care agent—You should select another health care proxy in case the primary one:
    1. Cannot serve as your agent
    2. Do not want to act as your agent in certain situations
  3. Provide explicit instruction—A medical POA serves to guide your agent and health care providers as to the medical care you want to receive

Keep in mind that a medical power of attorney in Oklahoma:

Who To Appoint as a Health Care Agent

The following table outlines elements you should consider when choosing your health care agent:

Select Someone WhoFurther Information
Is trustworthySince an agent will be in charge of your health care when you are unable to make decisions, you need to choose a reliable person. You might want to start with people who are close to you, including your:

  • Partner
  • Parent
  • Adult child
  • Close friend
  • Spiritual advisor
Understands your choicesYou should discuss your health care preferences with a person you’re considering for this position to ensure they:

  1. Understand what kind of medical treatment you want and do not want to receive
  2. Do not have a problem serving as your health care proxy if the time comes
Will act in your best interestWhile an agent is required to follow your instructions, they also need to make sure all other participants—e.g., your physician and health care provider—are familiar with your preferences

How To Prepare a Medical Power of Attorney in Oklahoma

To get help drawing up an Oklahoma medical power of attorney, you could:

  1. Visit a law office—Keep in mind that you:
    1. Are not required to hire a lawyer to prepare a living will, medical POA, or advance directive for you
    2. Might end up paying substantial attorney fees
  2. Get a medical power of attorney form in Oklahoma—Some websites offer free templates you could use, but you should make sure to:
    1. Check them since many are too generic and might not fulfill your needs
    2. Adjust them to meet legal requirements
  3. Use DoNotPay—We can generate your medical power of attorney, living will, and advance directive that:
    1. Comply with state laws
    2. Include your specific wishes

DoNotPay Creates a Medical Power of Attorney Automatically

Our AI-powered app will save you:

  • Time and energy—There’s no need to inspect numerous unreliable online forms
  • Money—Our robot lawyer is much more affordable than a human one

Our process is straightforward—Sign up for DoNotPay and:

  1. Open our Advance Health Care Directive feature
  2. Enter the name of the chosen agent and list your medical treatment preferences
  3. Specify the powers you are giving your health care agent and medical procedures you want to receive
  4. Select to get the document notarized or list the names of witnesses

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