All You Should Learn About a Medical Power of Attorney in Ohio

Advance Health Care Directive All You Should Learn About a Medical Power of Attorney in Ohio

The Gist of a Medical Power of Attorney in Ohio

A medical power of attorney is one of the most common advance directives in most states. It ensures your medical care preferences will be honored and respected if you get ill or become incapacitated.

This article will shed light on the basic concept of a medical power of attorney in Ohio and help you prepare any health care directive in no time with DoNotPay!

What Is an Ohio Medical Power of Attorney?

An Ohio medical power of attorney or health care proxy is a document designating another person to make health-associated decisions in your name if you’re unable to. This individual becomes your health care agent, making medical care choices according to your personal beliefs and wishes. In most states, including Ohio, people also create a living will along with medical power of attorney, expressing specific treatment requests through a written statement.

It’s important not to confuse this document with a standard power of attorney, which serves to manage finances and estate.

Who Should Be Your Health Care Agent?

Any person of legal age and sound mind can be your attorney-in-fact. It’s also crucial to choose someone you trust for the role. It can be a friend, family member, spouse, or a long-term partner—even your adult child or grandchild.

An individual can’t be your agent if they are:

  • Your primary medical practitioner or their employee
  • Administrator or employee of the nursing home or hospice care center you live in

What Should or Shouldn’t Your Health Care Agent Decide About?

Your agent can make choices related to:

  • Treatments and medicines you receive
  • Physicians and medical personnel you are to be treated by
  • Nursing homes or palliative care facilities where you are staying
  • Life support, including CPR, artificial nutrition, and mechanical respiration
  • Eye, tissue, and organ donation

Despite considerable power your attorney-in-fact has, they can’t:

  • Stop:
    • Life-saving treatments unless you are incurably ill or permanently unconscious
    • Comfort care treatments
  • Neglect your best interests or act against the rules you set

How To Create an Ohio Health Care Power of Attorney

The following table shows the available ways of getting a medical power of attorney in Ohio:

Compose a document yourselfIf you create a draft yourself, make sure it contains all basic sections, such as:

  1. Introduction—including ownership information
  2. Definitions of the terms included
  3. Designation of the primary agent
  4. Designation of alternate agents
  5. List of powers transferred by the document
  6. Special instructions
  7. Limitations
  8. Witness attestation—a notary acknowledgment can be used instead if you don’t have witnesses
  9. Signatures of all involved parties
Download an online sample/templateMany websites offer different variations of the Ohio medical power of attorney form you can download. According to Ohio law, the document is valid once it’s signed by witnesses or notarized
Let an attorney compose a medical proxy for youPaying a lawyer to draft the document in your stead is a reliable option, but you must pay up to a few hundreds of dollars for the service
Use DoNotPayDoNotPay—the world’s first robot lawyer—can help you skip the hassle and get a customized document in a few minutes

Discover the Easiest Way To Compose a Medical Proxy With DoNotPay

Solid health care proxies and living wills are quite difficult—and sometimes too expensive—to prepare.

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Here’s how this product works:

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  3. Tell us more about your preferred medical treatments or desired end-of-life care wishes
  4. Disclose the witnesses’ names

Our app can also connect you with an online notary and help you get your document notarized if your state laws require you to do so.

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