How To Prepare a Medical Power of Attorney in New Mexico Like a Pro

Advance Health Care Directive How To Prepare a Medical Power of Attorney in New Mexico Like a Pro

Learn the Fundamentals of a Medical Power of Attorney in New Mexico

Getting a proper medical power of attorney/health care proxy ensures you will be treated according to your preferences if you get too sick to decide for yourself. Each state has a different set of rules for creating and putting this document into effect.

In this article, you will learn the ins and outs of a medical power of attorney in New Mexico and find the simplest way to get one! Sign up for DoNotPay, and we will show you how to compose an advance directive for any U.S. state in under five minutes!

New Mexico Health Care Power of Attorney in a Nutshell

In New Mexico, a power of attorney for health care is defined as a legal document authorizing a person of trust to make medical care decisions in your name. The designated individual is responsible for carrying out your health-care-associated wishes if you lose the ability to express them yourself.

To be legally binding, your medical power of attorney must be:

  1. In writing
  2. Dated
  3. Signed by you
  4. Signed by two adult witnesses or a notary public

This document is also a type of the New Mexico advance directive, along with the state-specific living will. The state law doesn’t require you to fill out any of these forms, but having both is highly recommendable.

What Powers Does a Health Care Agent Have in New Mexico?

Your New Mexico health care agent can:

  • Accept or reject specific therapies and drugs
  • Hire or dismiss medical personnel you want or don’t want to be treated by
  • Choose a health care facility or nursing home where you will reside
  • Approve or disapprove various diagnostic tests and surgical procedures
  • Decide if your organs and tissue can be donated once you pass away
  • Withhold or withdraw life support, including artificial breathing, nutrition, and hydration
  • Keep your medical records

Fundamental Parts of a Medical Power of Attorney in NM

Here are the elements a proper New Mexico medical proxy should include:

  1. Designation of an agent, including:
    1. Statement confirming that you choose a particular individual as your health care agent
    2. Full name, mailing address, and contact details of the designated agent
  2. Designation of a successor agent, containing the same info as required for the primary agent
  3. Agent’s authority (transferred rights and powers)
  4. Limitations and special instructions
  5. Circumstances in which the agent’s authority becomes effective
  6. Nomination of guardian
  7. Durability

How To Revoke a New Mexico Health Care Proxy

If you are still mentally competent, you can revoke a health care power of attorney in one of the following ways:

Written MethodsOral Methods
  • Signing a written revocation statement
  • Canceling the current medical power of attorney by creating a new one and making it legally binding
  • Filing for divorce (if your spouse is your health care agent)
  • Personally informing your designated physician or health care provider about the change

Shield Your Health Interests by Creating a Medical Proxy With DoNotPay

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Did you know that a health care proxy and power of attorney aren’t necessarily the same document? How about that a power of attorney cannot be transferred to a spouse automatically? Expand your knowledge on the subject by visiting our learning center!

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