Get a Reliable Medical Power of Attorney in NC

Advance Health Care Directive Get a Reliable Medical Power of Attorney in NC

A Medical Power of Attorney in NC Explained

If you’re ready to address the topic of serious health issues you might experience, you need to get familiar with your state law on the following health care documents:

This guide explains why you should create a medical power of attorney in NC. Use DoNotPay to customize this document to your specific needs.

What Is a NC Health Care Power of Attorney?

A NC medical power of attorney is a legal document that permits you to:

  1. Delegate a person to make decisions about your health care—This person:
    1. Becomes your health care agent
    2. Can decide on your medical treatment in case you’re not able to make decisions for yourself
  2. Specify the powers you are granting your agent—You should indicate what:
    1. Authority your agent has
    2. Powers are limited
  3. Express your health care preferences—You could provide a list of detailed instructions to your:
    1. Agent
    2. Doctors
    3. Health care providers

North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney and Related Documents

While researching a medical power of attorney (POA), you might come across different terms and documents.

The table below breaks downs some common documents associated with a medical power of attorney in NC:

Related DocumentsInformation
Advance health care directiveAn advance directive is a document that usually includes different forms, including a:

  • Health care power of attorney
  • Living will
Living willA NC living will is a form that is part of an advance directive, together with a medical power of attorney form in NC. You should draft a living will to express your preferences for life-prolonging procedures in case you:

  1. Cannot make decisions about your health care
  2. Have been permanently unconscious or terminally ill
  3. Suffer from long-term cognitive impairment
(Financial) power of attorneyYou shouldn’t mix a durable power of attorney with a medical POA since the:

  • Former addresses financial, business, and legal matters
  • Latter covers health care aspects
Health care proxyWhile terms a medical POA and health care proxy can be used interchangeably, some states recognize a slight difference between these two documents

Who To Select for an Agent in a Health Care Power of Attorney in NC

Since your health care agent is the person who will make decisions about your medical treatment and life-prolonging procedures, you need to pick someone you can trust and who:

  • Understands and agrees with your wishes
  • Will act in your best interest

You could look for this person among your family members and friends. Keep in mind that:

  1. You could also appoint alternate agents in a North Carolina medical power of attorney that could serve if your primary agent is unable or unwilling to act
  2. Your agent cannot be anyone who is administering your health care, including your:
    1. Doctors
    2. Health care providers

DoNotPay Helps You Create a Medical Power of Attorney in NC

If you’re not sure how to draft a North Carolina health care proxy, you should know that there is no need to:

  1. Spend money on lawyers—State laws don’t mandate you to use legal services for this type of document
  2. Waste energy and time drawing up the document on your own—While you could find lots of online forms, you’ll need to invest a lot of time in checking the templates and changing them to meet legal requirements and your medical preferences

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