Preparing a Rock-Solid Medical Power of Attorney in Kentucky

Composing a Perfect Medical Power of Attorney in Kentucky

What is the purpose of a medical power of attorney in Kentucky? How does it help you define your medical care wishes and ensure your doctor complies with them if you get sick? What requirements do you have to meet to put this document into effect, and is it possible to revoke it? The questions are numerous, but you can find all the answers by reading through our guide! Check out the ultimate tips for drafting a flawless health care directive—a medical power of attorney or living will—in no time by !

Kentucky Medical Power of Attorney Explained

A Kentucky medical power of attorney is a document that designates a third party—a person of trust—to make medical care choices in your stead if you are unable to.

The person you choose becomes your health care surrogate or attorney-in-fact. Their primary goal should be to act according to your wishes and beliefs and convey them to medical personnel if you get incapacitated. If you want, you can choose two agents to make choices on your behalf, but the decisions must be unanimous.

This document is also called a health care proxy, medical proxy, or a health care power of attorney. It isn’t the same as a standard power of attorney as it doesn’t address financial but medical care issues. You can combine it with a Kentucky living will—a set of concise instructions concerning your future health care if you can’t express your preferences to doctors.

Signing Requirements for a Kentucky Medical Power of Attorney

To understand the criteria you must meet to create an adequate medical power of attorney in Kentucky, refer to the following table:

Legal RequirementsAgent RequirementsWitness Requirements
  1. The document must be created by a mentally capable adult
  2. It must be written, dated, and signed by the principal—the person who delegates the decision-related powers to the agent
  3. The principal can appoint only one health care surrogate
  1. Must be an adult
  2. Can be the principal’s:
    1. Legal guardian
    2. Spouse
    3. Adult child
    4. Parent
    5. Nearest living relative
    6. Friend
    7. Religious group member
  3. Can’t be:
    1. Principal’s health care provider
    2. Owner, director, or employee in the health care facility where the principal resides
  1. Must be of legal age
  2. Can’t be the principal’s:
    1. Relative
    2. Heir
    3. Spouse
    4. Primary physician
    5. Health care financier

Is There an Official Kentucky Medical Power of Attorney Form?

No, the state doesn’t provide any approved medical power of attorney forms. You can choose one of the templates available online or draft the document yourself. Whichever option you choose, make sure your form has the following elements:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Declaration confirming the designation of your primary health care agent
  • Name of the primary agent
  • Name of the secondary (alternate) agent who will act for you if the primary agent can’t or doesn’t want to do it
  • Your signature
  • Signatures of the primary/alternate agent and both witnesses

Ways To Revoke a Kentucky Health Care Power of Attorney

You can revoke your health care proxy fully or partially as long as you are capable of deciding for yourself. It can be done by:

  • Destroying the original health care power of attorney
  • Make an oral revocation statement in front of your designated physician and one other witness

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