The Ins and Outs of Creating a Medical Power of Attorney in Georgia

Advance Health Care Directive The Ins and Outs of Creating a Medical Power of Attorney in Georgia

The Best Way To Make a Medical Power of Attorney in Georgia

To make sure your wishes regarding medical treatment are honored when you become incapacitated to make them yourself, you must create an adequate legal document and appoint a proxy. It is crucial to understand what this document is and follow the rules imposed by the state you live in.

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What Is a Health Care Power of Attorney in Georgia?

An advance directive is a legal document that goes by many names across the states, and in Georgia, it is known as a durable power of attorney for health care (DPOA-HC). The Advance Directive Act was passed in the 1990 legislative session, and it was revised in July 2007.

How Does a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care in Georgia Work?

The DPOA-HC in Georgia designates an agent (health care proxy) to make medical decisions regarding your health. You can state your wishes on what medical treatments you do or do not want. It comes into effect when you can no longer speak or take care of yourself because of a serious illness or injury.

Should you decide to delve into the matter further, read our article on the difference between a health care proxy and a power of attorney.

Who Can Act as Your Agent in Georgia?

You have the right to choose anyone you see fit to be your agent as long as they are older than 18. The only person who you cannot appoint for this role is a health care provider, including:

  1. Your doctor
  2. An employee at a nursing home where you reside or a hospital where you are a patient

You should make your decision carefully and make sure the individual is reliable and trustworthy. People usually choose their spouses, family members, or close friends for this role, although legal professionals can also act as proxies.

What Decisions Can an Agent in Georgia Make?

Your agent can make decisions about various health care issues, including:

  • Whether you will be admitted or discharged from a hospital or nursing home
  • What treatments you may or may not be given
  • Who can have access to your medical records
  • How your body is disposed of after death

What Is The Difference Between a DPOA-HC and a Living Will in Georgia?

Georgia recognizes a slight difference between a medical power of attorney and a living will. Check out the table below for the crucial differentiating points:

Medical POALiving Will
  • Assigns an agent who makes important medical decisions on your behalf
  • Applies to any condition you may have or treatment you may need
  • Requires a special document for children
  • States your wishes regarding certain types of care withheld or withdrawn in situations described in the document
  • Comes into effect if you have a terminal condition, are in a coma, or a persistent vegetative state
  • Doesn’t require you to appoint an agent

You must create a living will or a medical POA properly to make them enforceable. It will not be enough to use a living will form or any other advance directive form. The process of creating these documents is complex and requires sufficient legal knowledge.

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