Don’t Complete a Cheap Medical Power of Attorney Form in PA—Craft the Document With DoNotPay

Advance Health Care Directive Don’t Complete a Cheap Medical Power of Attorney Form in PA—Craft the Document With DoNotPay

Why You Don’t Need a Medical Power of Attorney Form in PA

If you are a Pennsylvania resident considering a medical power of attorney, you may have many questions.

How is a medical power of attorney/health care proxy in this state different from a regular power of attorney? What criteria do you have to meet to sign it, and who can be your health care agent? Do you need a particular medical power of attorney form in PA to create a top-notch advance directive?

Solve all these dilemmas by reading this manual and discover how to use DoNotPay to draft the document without effort or expensive legal services!

What Is a Pennsylvania Medical Power of Attorney?

In Pennsylvania, a medical power of attorney is a legal document that grants the powers to make health care decisions to another individual, called an agent. This person makes medical care decisions in your name if you are too ill to communicate with the medical personnel or have an end-stage medical condition.

A medical power of attorney, also known as a medical or health care proxy, is considered an advance directive in the Coal State. You can combine it with a Pennsylvania living will featuring a concise list of your health care preferences.

Who Can Be Your Health Care Agent in Pennsylvania?

When choosing a health care agent, you should consider mentally stable individuals who are aware of your health-related wishes and preferences. You should trust them enough to provide them with all the powers regarding your future health care.

It’s possible to choose one primary agent and one or multiple successor agents that will assume the responsibility if the primary representative can’t perform their duties.

Here’s a table listing the people that can or can’t be assigned as your agents in Pennsylvania:

Can Be Your AgentCan’t Be Your Agent
  • Parent
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Cousin
  • Spouse, unless you are in the middle of a divorce process
  • Adult child or grandchild
  • Any other mentally competent person who knows about your religious and personal medical preferences
  • Your physician
  • Your resident care provider
  • Owner or the employee of the hospice or any other medical facility where you are residing

What Does a Medical Power of Attorney in Pennsylvania Include?

Section §5420 of the Statutes of Pennsylvania provides a sample of a Pennsylvania medical power of attorney form containing the following sections:

  1. Introduction—including personal info of the principal and their written statement that confirms the transfer of powers to the primary agent
  2. Powers you are transferring, such as making decisions about:
    1. General medical care and surgeries
    2. Radiation treatments and chemotherapy
    3. Artificial nutrition, hydration, or breathing
    4. Hospice and palliative care
    5. Hiring and dismissing medical staff responsible for your health care
    6. Resuscitation orders
    7. Organ, tissue, or eye donation
    8. Donation of hands and limbs
  3. (Alternative) health care agent appointment
  4. Optional living will provision
  5. Signatures of all participating parties

Have Your Medical Proxy Created Fast With DoNotPay

Downloadable power of attorney forms are often generic and require a fair amount of customization and rewrite.

Do you feel like you aren’t skilled enough to write your own medical power of attorney? No worries—you don’t have to pay attorneys huge amounts to create a living will or any other similar document in your stead. DoNotPay will do it on your behalf at a much more affordable price!

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  1. Log in to DoNotPay
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  3. Provide the following details:
    1. Name of your primary agent
    2. Your medical preferences and wishes
    3. Names of witnesses signing the document

All that remains is to download and sign your document. If you need to have it notarized, DoNotPay can help! We’ll help you arrange a meeting with a remote notary so that you can have the signatures verified remotely!

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