How To Make the Medical Power of Attorney for a Child, and What Should It Include?

Advance Health Care Directive How To Make the Medical Power of Attorney for a Child, and What Should It Include?

The Know-It-All Guide to the Medical Power of Attorney for a Child

What happens if your child suffers an accident or any other medical emergency when you are not around? Thinking about such scenarios isn’t pleasant, but you must be prepared for them to ensure the best care for your little one. The preparation process usually involves creating a specific advance/health care directive—a medical power of attorney.

This article focuses on the essentials of creating a solid medical proxy for a child and explains:

  • What this term means
  • When you need to assign medical power of attorney for your child
  • What the document should include
  • How to create it yourself

We will also explain how to draft an advance directive flawlessly by using DoNotPay!

What Is the Medical Power of Attorney for Children?

By creating a medical power of attorney/medical proxy for a minor, you authorize a person of trust to decide about your child’s health treatment in your absence. The person you name as a healthcare agent informs the doctors treating your kid about what treatments you do and don’t allow.

A medical power of attorney shouldn’t be confused with guardianship. Guardianship refers to assigning parental authority to another individual, leaving you with no right to decide for your child. This isn’t the case with the medical power of attorney, as it gives another person temporary authority. The parent has the right to revoke a power of attorney at any time.

When Do You Need Medical Power of Attorney for a Minor?

Here are the most common situations when you need to create a health care power of attorney for your child:

  • You are out of town, leaving your little one with your family members or friends
  • The child has been sent to another town to live with friends or relatives
  • You are leaving your child with a babysitter or in a daycare facility while you are away

How To Create Medical Power of Attorney for Your Child

The available ways of making the medical power of attorney are presented in the table below:

Create the document yourselfTo draft the medical power of attorney manually, you must know which elements it should contain. Medical proxy forms for children are different for each state, but some general requirements include:

  1. Personal info of the parent and agent, such as:
    1. Legal names
    2. Home addresses
    3. Contact information—phone numbers or email addresses
  2. Names and birth dates of each child whose health care is covered by the document
  3. Start and end authorization dates
  4. Powers the parent delegates to the agent
  5. Signatures of the parent(s) and witnesses
Complete an online medical proxy templateMany websites offer free samples and templates you can customize. While they represent a quick and affordable solution, these forms are often too general, contain errors, or need to be updated
Hire an attorney to draft the document for youProfessionals can assist you with creating the medical power of attorney or write the entire document in your stead for a specified fee

DoNotPay Offers the Simplest Way To Craft Advance Directives

Now you know how to compose a medical power of attorney for your kid, but what about creating one for you? Health problems can occur unexpectedly, and you should ensure your medical care wishes are honored if you become incapacitated.

DoNotPay can create a comprehensive advance health care directive, including:

  1. Living will—a set of instructions regarding your preferred medical treatment in case of debilitating illness or injury
  2. Health care proxy—a document naming a trusted individual (a health care agent) to make medical decisions for you if you’re unable to

To get the document you need, follow these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay
  2. Go to Advance Health Care Directive
  3. Name your primary agent
  4. Answer several questions related to your medical preferences
  5. Provide us with the names of the witnesses who will sign the document

Upon finalizing the process, you will get a completed medical proxy, but most states require the document to be signed and notarized.

Interested to know the difference between a health care proxy and power of attorney or what a living will form should look like? Consult our knowledge base for answers!

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