Medical Power of Attorney in California—What You Need To Know

Advance Health Care Directive Medical Power of Attorney in California—What You Need To Know

Prepare in Time—Create a Medical Power of Attorney in California in a Snap

Every state has its own form of advance health care directives—legal documents that allow you to plan your medical treatment ahead. Inform your loved ones about your wishes—learn the easiest and quickest way to create a medical power of attorney in California!

What’s the Purpose of a Medical Power of Attorney in California?

A medical power of attorney (also known as a health care proxy in some states) allows you to designate a health care representative to make decisions regarding medical treatment on your behalf. The representative also goes by the names of:

  • Health care agent
  • Medical proxy
  • Patient advocate
  • Attorney-in-fact
  • Health care surrogate

Your health care proxy takes effect from the date you state on the document or, more often, when you become too ill or unable to express your wishes yourself.

The purpose of a medical power of attorney is to ensure you designate a person who will carry out your wishes regarding medical treatment—whether you want to receive it or not. The duty of your medical practitioner is to follow through with the instructions they receive from your health care agent, and the agent should act in your best interest—as agreed in the document.

Medical Power of Attorney for California—Who Can Be Your Medical Agent?

The law prohibits people who have a direct impact on your health from being your medical agents. Find out who else can or cannot be your medical representative in the table below:

Who Can Be Your Health Care Agent?Who Cannot Be Your Health Care Agent?
Your agent must be older than 18 and can be:

  • A family member
  • A close friend

The agent must act in accordance with your instructions, not their personal beliefs and opinions

  • Your assigned physician
  • An employee of your assigned physician
  • An operator of a community care or medical care facility

These rules don’t apply if any of the people mentioned above happen to be your relative

What’s the Difference Between a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney in California?

A California medical power of attorney regulates only the designation of your health care representative, while the California living will allows you to specify the types of treatment you wish to receive (or reject). The living will form is usually a part of the advance health care directive form in California.

To prepare for the worst-case scenario, you should have both of these documents at hand when you’re being admitted to a medical institution. Some of the ways you can approach creating a living will and medical power of attorney in California include:

  1. Writing the documents by yourself
  2. Downloading and completing online premade forms and templates
  3. Hiring a lawyer to do the hard work for you, but at a high cost
  4. Using DoNotPay

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The next steps include:

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