List Your Decisions in a Medical Power of Attorney in Arizona

Advance Health Care Directive List Your Decisions in a Medical Power of Attorney in Arizona

A Practical Guide to a Medical Power of Attorney in Arizona

Would you like to put your mind at ease by choosing a reliable person to make health care decisions in case you cannot? In this case, you need a medical power of attorney but could also supplement it with a living will and advance directive.

As you need to pay attention to state laws when drafting a health care document, this article explains the requirements for a medical power of attorney in Arizona.

Do You Need an Arizona Medical Power of Attorney?

You should create an Arizona medical power of attorney (POA) to:

  1. Appoint a person—an agent or health care proxy—to make decisions about your medical treatment in case you:
    1. Are unable to express your wishes
    2. Cannot make decisions for yourself
    3. Are incapacitated or terminally ill
  2. Specify the powers you grant your agent and restrictions you impose on their authority
  3. Provide your explicit health care instructions

Keep in mind that a medical power of attorney in Arizona can also be referred to as:

Who To Name for an Agent in a Health Care Power of Attorney in Arizona

Your health care agent should be someone you can trust to make informed decisions about your medical affairs. This person should also be familiar with your beliefs and values.

Keep in mind that:

  • A person whose fiduciary license has been revoked cannot act as your agent (unless they’re related to you)
  • You could appoint an alternate agent who can take over in case the primary agent is unavailable, unable, or unwilling to make certain health care decisions on your behalf

A Medical Power of Attorney Form in Arizona and Related Documents

When creating an AZ medical power of attorney, you could also consider drawing up the following forms:

Arizona Health Care DocumentsDetails
Advance health care directiveAn advance directive in Arizona is a document that consists of an:

Living willYou should draft a living will to specify your medical treatment wishes in case you are:

  1. Terminally ill
  2. In a coma or vegetative state

This legal document lets you address the following:

  • Palliative care
  • Life-sustaining treatment
  • (Un)Wanted health care procedures and medication
Mental health care power of attorneyIf you’d like to name an agent to make decisions about your mental health, you need to produce a separate document—an Arizona durable mental health care power of attorney

How To Create a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney in Arizona

To draft a medical power of attorney in Arizona, you could:

  1. Use services—While any lawyer can prepare a legal document for you, you need to be aware that you:
    1. Don’t have to use their services for a health care document
    2. Will need to cover high attorney fees
  2. Search for Arizona medical power of attorney forms—You could prepare a medical POA on your own by:
    1. Checking available online templates
    2. Amending the chosen form to comply with state law and reflect your needs
  3. Access DoNotPay—Our AI-powered app:
    1. Knows what legal requirements a health care document needs to fulfill
    2. Uses the information you provide to generate a medical POA tailored to your health care wishes

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