Drafting a Medical Consent Form for Minors Traveling Without Parents

Child Travel Consent Form Drafting a Medical Consent Form for Minors Traveling Without Parents

A Medical Consent Form for Minors Traveling Without Parents Explained

When a child is traveling without one or both parents, all sorts of documents—such as a passport and birth certificate—are necessary. Writing a minor travel consent form is also a must, but a parent can consider adding a child medical consent form for emergency cases.

Do you want to know what a medical consent form for minors traveling without parents consists of? DoNotPay can explain the basics and give you tips for finding a reliable form! 

What Is a Medical Consent Form for a Child Traveling Without Parents?

If you are sending your child on a trip without you, a child medical consent form authorizes the accompanying adult to make healthcare decisions for your child. The form grants a temporary power of attorney to the chaperone in case of a medical emergency. 

What Should Be Included in a Child Travel Medical Consent Form?

Creating a comprehensive child medical consent form will leave the parent with peace of mind that their child will be taken care of in case of a medical emergency. Omitting an important detail can cause a delay in providing the necessary medical care to the child. 

Check out the crucial sections of the form in the table below:

Elements of a Child Medical Consent Form


Authorized caretakerThis section should include information about the designated caretaker in case of a medical emergency. The accompanying adult should confirm that they understand the parents’ wishes regarding their child’s medical care

Child’s medical history

The parent or legal guardian should provide details about the child’s health background, such as:

  • Health issues, like asthma or diabetes
  • History of vaccines
  • Allergies to food or antibiotics
  • Medication that the child is currently taking
  • Date of the last tetanus shot
Medical treatments allowedParents must specify if the caretaker is authorized to make medical decisions regarding:

  • Prescribing and administering medications 
  • Allowing anesthesia or surgical procedures
  • Providing dental care
  • Performing diagnostic imaging, such as an X-ray or an MRI
  • Giving blood transfusions
  • Administering emergency medical treatments, including CPR, or allowing hospitalization
  • Allowing emergency medical transportation
  • Giving routine examinations

A parent needs to indicate the period during which the authorized adult can make medical decisions for the child

Additional itemsThe form can include the following items:

  • Assurance that the parent has legal rights to make authorizations regarding their child
  • A statement that the child’s health is a priority
  • Assurance that the financial responsibility of the treatment is with parents and the child’s health insurance
  • Religious or moral beliefs that may influence the treatment

Where Can I Find a Free Medical Consent Form for a Minor Traveling Without Parents?

You can find free medical consent forms for minors online. They are fairly general, so you might need some time to find the one that fits your needs. 

You can make the most of using free online templates by:

  1. Taking the time to choose a template that suits your needs the most
  2. Checking if there are no hidden costs for downloading it
  3. Customizing the form by adding and removing sections if necessary

Does a Minor Travel Medical Consent Form Have To Be Notarized?

A parent and the accompanying adult should sign the child medical travel consent form in the notary’s presence. A notary verifies the authenticity of the signatures on the document, which provides additional security. In case of a medical emergency, a medical professional is more likely to accept a notarized form. 

You don’t have to worry about notarizing the child medical consent form in person. We are aware of how tiresome and complicated the notarization process can be for a busy parent. DoNotPay helps you get the form notarized online, which simplifies the procedure significantly.

Get a Medical Consent Form for a Minor Traveling Without Parents Notarized With DoNotPay

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Create a Child Travel Consent Form With DoNotPay

When a child is traveling with one parent, an authorized adult, or alone, having a child travel consent form is obligatory. Many countries, such as Canada or the UK, have strict policies regarding child travel and may detain the child and the accompanying adult if they can’t present proper consent documentation.

Creating a child travel consent form requires some finesse. Relying on a free online template would not be the smartest choice. Your best bet is to get a tailor-made form that fits your specific needs!

DoNotPay can create the child travel consent form for you and have it notarized at the same expense.

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