5 Organizations That Offer Colorado Medical Bill Assistance

Help With Bills 5 Organizations That Offer Colorado Medical Bill Assistance

5 Organizations That Offer Colorado Medical Bill Assistance

Don't trade your physical health for financial disease! Medical bill assistance in Colorado is available, and you deserve it especially if you are a victim of iatrogenic disease.

Estimates range from 225,000 to almost 300,000 people per year – that's according to respected medical journals, and it's been going on for decades. Because many people are essentially going into debt to be made even more sick than they already were, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to combat further distress of the  economic variety.

Understanding Your Colorado Medical Bill

Before you seek medical bill assistance, check your bill. The first thing to keep in mind is that it may partially, or fully, be a bill that should have been sent to your insurance company instead of you. If at any point it becomes frustrating, you may want to enlist the help of an insurance company professional, because they look at such bills all the time. Not every hospital or other medical institution submits their billing properly.

Highlight or list anything which you do not understand, and ask the one who sent you the bill to explain what they all are. If they can't explain or don't have proof that they actually provided those services, this is leverage for you to negotiate the bill down. In this case, you should write down the name, date, time, and notes of what was said.

If the bill is not itemized, you can and should request one. You are entitled to an itemized bill, in distinction to a vague description of "services rendered" and a number slapped underneath without context. Refusing to give you an itemized bill on demand is grounds for a complaint with the state of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Any discrepancy, omission, or error in the bill is leverage you can use when you try to solve this problem yourself or in alliance with a group such as the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. It may be much quicker, though, to enlist the help of DoNotPay, because we specialize in streamlining this process as quickly as possible.

Organizations that Can Help Coloradans With Medical Bills

Hospitals themselves are required to offer a discount program for uninsured patients who earn less than 250% of the federal poverty level, and that should be your first area of focus.

ProgramAssistance OfferedContact Information
State of Colorado hospital assistance programsGrace period, collections delaySee Directory
State of Colorado Consumer Health InitiativeConsumer Assistance ProgramApplication Link
Catholic Charities USA – Colorado ChaptersMedical (and other) bill assistance703-549-1390
Christian Healthcare MinistriesHealth cost sharing for medical bill reduction1-800-791-6225 Send an Email
State of Colorado PEAK (see SNAP & TANF)Medical tax credits (related to use of cash assistance for other reasons)Contact and Application Link

The financial relief from SNAP and TANF is not direct. The relief comes, if you have incurred tax liability, in the form of tax-deductible medical expenses which translate to either tax credits, increased benefits, or both. These SNAP rules only apply to the elderly and those given a legally disabled status, and you'll need to wait for these medical cost savings (more like rebates) during tax return time for any SNAP- or TANF-related savings.

Don't Let Public Financial Arrangements Turn Into Hidden Legal Liabilities

Note too that there are always "strings attached" to taking benefits from government agencies. If you wish to work towards being more generally free of abusive globalized economic controls generally – the prime reason medical costs are so expensive to begin with – it may be best to seek private financial assistance.

If public assistance is necessary, you can maintain a higher legal status (or standing) by signing your name with limited liability so that you minimize most of the presumptions, assumptions, and colorable laws associated with your signature. Sadly, it is often used by unscrupulous legal-financial actors to presume you have also agreed to accept an inferior legal status generally, and it's best to assert that this isn't the case when contracting with the government, doing so in only the most limited way. They're called "limited liability corporations" for a reason – but you can simply follow the same principles and increase your legal protection dramatically.

Ask for an Extension Date and/or Waiver of Fees for Your Colorado Medical Bill

A great way to resolve this in the best faith is to simply ask them in an amicable way to give you an extension on your bill – or even a waiver of late fees or reduction in the amount due if you feel bold. Here is a generic example you can customize according to your own unique situation:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm writing to request an extension from your billing department for the medical bill I've received. Because of the extreme public health crises and related economic duress, I cannot currently pay the $1,008 bill within the due date listed. I'd like to request an extension on the payment due date from [date] to [date].

The danger to my health proves to be the main obstacle to my career and my attempts at restoring financial health as well as my physical health. This has resulted in a large reduction in my income since 2020, as the nature of my employment requires my physical presence and is of a social nature. Along with many others, this saddens me and creates an undue financial hardship, despite my strong work ethic, such that it may cause even further late payments.

Above all, I'd like to remain in good standing and ask you for a reasonable [extension, waiver of late fees, and/or a significant reduction in the amount due]. I'm taking actionable steps in order to resolve this financial and health burden, and I am proactively looking for other financial assistance while I am prevented from consistently working at my current job.

Receiving a due date extension and any other acts of generosity that you could justify would greatly help me to fully remedy this matter. As a long-time member of the [your city or region] community, I would appreciate any grace you could give me immensely.

Thank you for your consideration.


How to Request Waivers on Colorado Medical Bills

A letter is best because it serves as recorded evidence and can be used to build an administrative record. As a follow-up, you can also call customer service – asking if they received your letter – or even appear in person to the extent it wouldn't contradict any "social distancing" comments you may have relied on as justification to capitalize on something else.

Definitely craft the exact phrasing of your letter with legal counsel or financial advisors if you are thinking about enlisting their help at some point along the way; you may as well do so upfront, if you're really serious about it. Of course, for the quickest solution, see how DoNotPay can speed all of this up if the following sounds too daunting.

How to Negotiate Medical Bills in Colorado on Your Own

Medical costs and poverty are a one-two punch for keeping collectors at bay (in addition to savvy use of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and a polite demand for a verified, true bill). Before it gets to such a point, though, you'll want to follow the steps below to stand the best chances of reducing your Colorado medical bill from the outset.

Start with the clarification of the bill, especially of anything that is erroneous. As mentioned above, accept no less than an itemized bill. Be firm but amicable; there is no use starting an argument, because they will simply think about sending it to collections sooner rather than later. Come to them in a friendly tone, and point out that you are helping them to see how their billing practices could improve while limiting their legal liability – that's all.

Let's say they aren't budging on the bottom line. If you are certain their bill is in error or unconscionable, let it shine through with superior knowledge of the laws on the matter:

  • If your medical bill was because of a request for a screening related to an Emergency Medical Condition (and stabilizing treatments thereafter), the Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act might be in effect, which requires they provide emergency services regardless of your ability to pay
  • File an 'internal appeal' (i.e., a complaint) through your insurer if they refuse to pay the bill – ask if they have been asked to pay by the medical biller and if the bill is a true balance bill (in which case, they often haven't)
  • File a complaint with your hospital through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Division of Insurance
  • See if your medical bill falls under the No Surprises Act – investigate if it is a "balance bill", which have been recently made illegal
  • If any complaints are warranted, further relay the abuse to the Colorado Attorney General's office at 800-222-4444 (especially for balance billing)
  • Talk to a consumer rights advisor

If you've done all you can to intelligently discuss billing errors, next you'll bring up the extension, waiver, and/or cost reduction matters (whatever you can justify), like in the letter above. This alone may be enough to get a better offer from hospitals who would often rather receive some amount now than to deal with collections agencies when they don't have to.

Whatever lowered bill amount you are offered can then be handled in a number of ways:

  1. Ask for a payment plan
  2. Ask for a discount
  3. Look for grants to help pay bills
  4. Apply for a Colorado bank loan to pay off the medical bill
  5. Pay the medical bill with a 0% APR credit card (or open a new one with 0% for debt reduction management purposes – and to protect your credit score)

If anything goes wrong, or they are refusing to work with you, and you just can't pay, you can still find relief by filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to avoid the difficult consequences of not paying medical bills.

We'd like to help you avoid that. DoNotPay is probably the single most streamlined and automated way to get the most beneficial arrangement you can expect, and be on with your future fruitful endeavors!\.

How to Solve Colorado Medical Bills With DoNotPay

Of course, medical bills are huge for more people than ever today. DoNotPay has paid particular attention to this, and created a suite of medical bill-reduction methods that we employ on your behalf. We know you've been hurt or made sick, and it's outrageous to then expect you to learn all this and become a tactical communications master overnight.

Don't worry–for medical or virtually any other bills, we got you! Here’s how DoNotPay can help lower your bills:

  1. Go to the Negotiate Bills product on DoNotPay.


  2. Choose whether you want us to call and negotiate your bill for you or send a bill negotiation letter on your behalf.


  3. Provide the details that will help us negotiate your bill including the company name and how much your current plan costs.


  4. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.


Leave all the work to DoNotPay! We'll fight for a lower bill for you.

Why Use DoNotPay to Solve Exorbitant Colorado Medical Bills

Quite simply, because your time and your health are precious things. Isn't it well past time you kicked these out-of-control financial and medical system abuses out of your path once and for all? DoNotPay is:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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