All About McPherson Unit and Contacting Inmates

Connect With an Inmate All About McPherson Unit and Contacting Inmates

The Foolproof Way to Connect With an Inmate at McPherson Unit, Arkansas

Established in 1998, McPherson Unit is a women's prison of the Arkansas Department of Correction (ACD). It's located off Arkansas Highway 384 about four miles northeast of central Newport. McPherson Unit was privately managed by Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (presently GEO Group) for the first three years. In 2001, Wackenhut didn't renew its contract with the ACD after operating the facility all that time with losses.

McPherson Unit houses minimum, medium, and maximum-security inmates, as well as the state's death row for women. McPherson Unit also features the Riverside Vocational Technical School, which provides four job training programs. If you have a friend or loved one incarcerated at McPherson Unit and find it difficult to contact them, DoNotPay offers the Connect With an Inmate product. It makes contacting inmates housed in any facility quickly and easy — two characteristics unheard of in the penal system.

The McPherson Unit's Contact Information

McPherson Unit's contact information should be used for emergency reasons, to inquire about the status of an inmate, to report a crime involving the facility, or for general questions. The facility will not forward telephone messages or allow inmates to take personal calls using office phones.

One of the few exceptions to this rule is for death notifications involving near relatives. Depending on the severity, facility staff may allow free personal calls if a close family member has been hospitalized. Below are the various ways to contact McPherson Unit:

Physical AddressMcPherson Unit

302 Corrections Drive

Newport, AR 72112.

Phone Number870-523-2639
WebsiteMcPherson Unit
General EmailN/A

Please note that ACD doesn't readily provide staff email addresses or phone extension numbers.

An Important Notice if You Know Someone Housed at McPherson Unit

Over the years, McPherson Unit has come under fire for allegations of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and as recently as 2021, wrongful death. In November 2003, both the Grimes Unit for men and the McPherson Unit for women were found to be in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1997, the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act ("CRIPA"). In particular, inmates housed at McPherson Unit experienced the following rights violations:

  • Deliberate indifference towards their serious medical needs.
  • Receive inadequate protection from physical harm and sexual misconduct.
  • Were exposed to unsanitary and unsafe environmental conditions.
  • McPherson Unit was built for a capacity of 600 inmates but housed 700 inmates when the investigation took place in 2002.

The report went on to explain that McPherson Unit staff  "frequently acts at odds with these legal standards and with other generally accepted standards that are not themselves constitutional violations, but that may be relevant to determining whether the State has engaged in unconstitutional conduct."

Connecting with Inmates at McPherson Unit 

There are various ways you can visit or connect with a friend or family member while they are incarcerated at McPherson Unit.

1. Visitation

When visiting an inmate at McPherson Unit, the visit must be scheduled in advance. You must call the facility at 870-523-2639 during regular business hours to schedule a visit.

2. Sending Mail

To write to an inmate or send packages to an inmate, you should always put your return address on the envelope or package, and be aware that it will likely be opened in advance. To address a letter to an inmate, you should address it to their legal/recognized name and also include their ID number as follows:

Inmate Name, ID Number

​McPherson Unit

McPherson Unit 302 Corrections Drive

Newport, AR, 72112.

3. Electronic Visits

Even when regular visitation is suspended due to public health concerns or other reasons, you may be able to have electronic visits. Contact McPherson Unit at the above number to inquire about the availability and scheduling of electronic visits.

4. Phone Calls

The McPherson Unit contracted with Pigeonly to provide calling and account billing services for inmates. For more information, you can visit the Pigeonly "Inmate Calling" page. According to Pigeonly, text and mailing services are provided by another company called Corrlinks.

5. Sending Money

The McPherson Unit offers the ability for family and friends of inmates to deposit money into a trust fund account for the inmate. You may visit its "Offender Banking" page to find more information about securely sending money through an approved method.

The Stress of Contacting an Inmate on Your Own

It can be difficult to connect with an inmate on your own. You must:

  • Know where they are located
  • Know their assigned ID number
  • Research specific methods of contact and/or visitation policies
  • You may need to apply and pass background checks and meet certain dress codes to visit in person.
  • In-person visitations can be limited, especially during a public health crisis.
  • It can be expensive for you or the inmate to make phone calls.

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DoNotPay Can Help You Connect with a Loved One at McPherson Unit 

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How Can DoNotPay Help in Communicating With an Inmate

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Not only can DoNotPay help you reach out to a loved one at the McPherson Unit in Arkansas, but we can help you connect with any inmate across the country. Additionally, we can help you with a variety of other problems or concerns, including:

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