How to Stop Calls from Max Recovery Debt Collectors

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How to Deal With Max Recovery Debt Collectors

Just as with other debt collection agencies, such as DWP Debt Management, Moorcroft Debt Recovery, and even Advantis, Max Recovery Limited is an organization that strives to help individuals pay debts which they owe.

purchases debts from creditors at lower prices; and, in turn, works with a debtor to get the debt paid. Should you pay your debt to Max Recovery Limited, and what is the process like in doing so? Read on to learn more about Max Recovery Limited in this DoNotPay guide.

What Is Max Recovery Limited, and Why Are They Contacting Me?

Max Recovery Limited, as mentioned earlier, is a debt collection agency that purchases debts from creditors and seeks repayment from the debtor. (also known as Max Recovery Ltd. or also as Max) is a division of J.P. Morgan. This division is the main source of debt recovery for J.P. Morgan in the UK.

Max Recovery Limited uses Evolve Servicing Ltd., Drydensfairfax, and Eversheds Sutherlands LLP for customer service assistance. If you receive a message from one of the following, you are being contacted by Max Recovery Limited regarding an unpaid debt:

  1. Max Recovery Ltd. Telephone Number: 0113 389 3938
  2. Letters From The Following Address:

Evolve Servicing Ltd. Bridgewater Place Water Lane Leeds, LS11 5DR

You will only be contacted by telephone and/or mail for your first interaction with Max Recovery Ltd. They will not contact you initially by email.

What Happens If I Don't Pay My Debt to Max Recovery Debt Collectors?

Just as with other debt collection agencies, such as Marston Group Holdings and Lowell Financial, Max Recovery Limited purchases a debt in order to see that it gets paid. Because they buy the debt from the original creditor at a much lower price than what is owed, they make a profit by seeking the full amount due. The following could happen if you choose not to make a payment to Max Recovery Ltd:

  1. A judgement could be created against you in county court
  2. A charging order or earnings order could be added to your account
  3. An official could be sent to collect the value of the debt

When you have communication with a collection agency, it helps to show that you are trying to work or sort it out with them. Additionally, if you have a preferred method of communication, Max Recovery debt collectors must communicate in that manner. They also cannot enter your property without authorization.

How to Make Payments to Max Recovery Limited

In order to make or set up payments with Max Recovery Limited, you have a few options. Here are the two options you have when making a Max Recovery Limited payment:

By Mail

If you want to set up payments and/or send payments to Max Recovery Ltd. by mail, send a detailed letter to the following address:

Address 1Evolve Servicing Ltd.

Bridgewater Place

Water Lane

Leeds, LS11 5DR

Address 225 Bank Street

Canary Wharf

London, E14 5JP

Knowing which servicing company sent you the notice will help you to know which company to address. Again, Max Recovery Limited uses three servicing companies for their customer service processing.

By Telephone

If you would like to contact by telephone regarding payments and/or issues, call one of the following telephone numbers:

  • Customer Service: 0113 389 3938
  • Issues or Complaints: 0845 498 3938

Max Recovery Limited is open from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.

You also have the option to contact customer service by email if you have questions concerning debts and such. Their email addresses are as follows:


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