A Guide to Massachusetts Sick Time Law

Request Sick Leave A Guide to Massachusetts Sick Time Law

An Examination of Massachusetts Sick Time Law

Not feeling your best this morning? Then you need to take time off work.

Whether you’re dealing with a sore back or the common cold, you should know what Massachusetts sick time law covers and what it means for you.

As an employed resident in Massachusetts, you have access to paid sick leave. Given that this type of legislation can vary from state to state, it’s important that you take the time to find out how it works for you.

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Details About Massachusetts Sick Time Law (2015) Explained

In 2015, Massachusetts made its most recent updates to its sick leave legislation. While other emergency sick leave laws are still in partial use due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the primary state law will be of most use to you.

Massachusetts’ earned sick leave law can be complicated to understand—you likely have a few questions about how it works, such as:

  1. How much sick leave can I use?
  2. How much does sick leave pay?
  3. What if my employer won’t give me sick leave?

Massachusetts Sick Leave Details

Massachusetts paid sick leave is available to the following types of workers:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Temporary

You have the legal right to earn one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, at a maximum of 40 hours accrued and used every year.

Massachusetts Sick Leave Payment

What you earn while away on sick leave depends on how you are employed:

Employment TypeLeave Pay
HourlyAccording to usual wages and schedule
Part-timeAccording to usual wages and schedule
SalaryAccording to a 40-hour workweek
CommissionBase pay or minimum wage (whichever is greater)
Tip-basedMinimum wage

Employer Obligations

Employers cannot force you to work while sick. If you have earned paid sick leave, your boss cannot prevent you from using it.

In case you are punished or fired for missing work because of an illness, you have legal grounds to sue your employer. DoNotPay’s Small Claims Court product can help you manage the process with ease.

When Should You Call in Sick?

Regardless of whether you have come down with the flu or a minor case of the sniffles, experts agree that the best course of action is to stay home. Coming to work while sick can result in a range of negative consequences:

  • You will take longer to recover without proper rest
  • Your quality of work will drop
  • You will infect other coworkers

How To Call in Sick

Once you have confirmed that you have earned the necessary sick days, you need to inform your employer about your impending absence. If your company lacks a formal company policy, you can instead get in touch with your boss in one of three ways:

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