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Connect With an Inmate Reach an Inmate at Massachusetts Department of Correction

Massachusetts Prisons Jails - Location, Visiting Hours, Mailing/Calling, Sending Money

Massachusetts Prisons Jails is one of Boston's top ten jails. It was built in 2007 specifically to admit women for criminal offenses. A total of 785 inmates are housed inside Massachusetts Prison. The jail offers the best amenities that you can't find in any other jail. However, like any other jail, access to inmates is limited and only occurs with a specific schedule. To connect with an inmate in Massachusetts Prison Jail, we will often need to address by mail, make regular visits, send money, and make phone calls to the inmates. We often struggle to achieve all these to connect with our relatives, casualties, and influential people incarcerated in Massachusetts prison.

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If you have been there seeking knowledge about connecting with an inmate in a Massachusetts prison jail, then this post is for you. By reading it from end to end, you will learn about Massachusetts Prisons, an easy, successful, and effective way to connect to an inmate there. So, let's quickly dive into today's topic of discussion!

Massachusetts Prisons Contact Information

Massachusetts Prison is located near the Department of Corrections, 50 Maple St, Milford, MA 01757 USA Building. The table below shows you essential information about Massachusetts Prison:

Physical Address50 Maple Street, Milford, MA 01757
Phone Number(617) 660-4600
WebsiteMassachusetts Inmate Records |
Fax Number(508) 422-3300, (508) 850-7888

How to Contact Inmates at Massachusetts Prisons

Massachusetts Prisons allow communication with inmates through visitations, calls, sending money, and writing letters. Here is a quick overview of each one of them:


The most common method of communicating with inmates in Massachusetts prisons is by visiting them. You should know that you cannot bring anything with you except yourself. When you enter the facility, you will be given a visitor pass which you must carry with you.

On the day of the visit, you will be asked to fill out a form stating what time you want to visit, how many hours you would like to spend together, and whether or not you wish to see the inmate alone or with another person. If you decide to visit the inmate alone, you will be required to sign a waiver stating that you understand that the visit could last up to two hours. If you plan to visit the inmate with someone else, they will need to sign a similar waiver.

Once you are done filling out the forms, you will be taken to a waiting room, waiting until you get called to visit the inmate. Once you do, you will be escorted to the inmate's cell. There, you will be able to talk to her for as long as you wish. You can visit the inmate every week, every month, or once a year. Seeing the inmate costs $40 per hour.


You can also communicate with the inmates in Massachusetts prisons via phone calls. You will need to provide your name, date of birth, address, and telephone number when calling the inmate. You will also need to tell the operator how much you want to spend on the call. It is recommended that you only make calls from public phones because it will cost more than making calls from your phone.

Sending Money

In Massachusetts, family members can send money to their inmates using the Money Transfer program. To use the program, you will first need to register for it online. After registering, you will receive a PIN code which you will need to give to the staff member who will transfer money to you. You will also need your inmate ID number and the amount of money you want to send. Once all these details are provided, you can transfer money to your inmate. The process takes three days to complete.


Inmates in Massachusetts prisons can also write letters to their loved ones. They can do this at any time during the year. However, they will have to pay postage fees to mail their letters. This fee depends on the size of the letter and the type of envelope used. For example, a standard-sized business envelope costs $0.20 while an A4 envelope costs $1.50.

How to Send Packages to Inmates at Massachusetts Prisons

Family members and friends can send packages to prisoners in Massachusetts prisons. These packages are delivered directly to the prison. You will need to contact the institution beforehand to transfer money delivery appointments. You will then go to the prison's office to pick up the package. You will need to show identification such as a driver's license or passport to prove that you are authorized to pick up the package and deliver it to the inmate.

The following are some things you should keep in mind before sending packages to inmates:

  • Packages sent to inmates should contain no drugs or illegal substances.
  • The prison may confiscate packages containing alcohol or tobacco products.
  • In addition, the authorities may confiscate others containing items deemed dangerous to the inmate's health or others.

Steps Before Calling Inmates

Before contacting an inmate in Massachusetts prisons, there are several steps you must follow. Below are the steps you must follow before calling an inmate.

  1. Locate the Inmate

First, you must locate the inmate you want to speak with. This means finding out the inmate's name, gender, race, age, location, and other relevant information. You can find this information by looking at the inmate's file.

  1. Identifying Telephone Address

Next, you will need to identify the telephone number where the inmate can be reached. If you know the inmate's full name, you can look them up on the website of the Department of Correction. If not, you can try searching for their last name and first initial.

  1. Booking an Appointment

Once you have identified the inmate's telephone address, you can book an appointment with the inmate. You can do this by going to the booking section of the department's website. There, you will see a list of inmates by state and city. Click on the one you want to visit. Then, click on the "book an appointment" link under the inmate's profile. You will now be directed to the department's scheduling page. You will choose the date and time when you wish to meet with the inmate on this page.

  1. Contacting the Inmate

You can now call the inmate and make an appointment. When making the call, you can ask the person answering the phone if they are the right person; if not, they direct you to the correct person. When speaking to the inmate, remember to use proper etiquette. Do not yell or raise your voice. Speak slowly and clearly.

Challenges You May Encounter When Contacting Loved One in Massachusetts Prisons

The following are challenges you may encounter when reaching seizure in Massachusetts prisons:

  • Incorrect information about inmate location
  • False information regarding visitation times
  • Visiting hours are subjected to change
  • Inmates can only be reached at their offices
  • Inmates have limited access to computers

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