All You Need To Know About the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy

Advance Health Care Directive All You Need To Know About the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy

Get Familiar With the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy

Dealing with unpredictable medical conditions comes with the risk of potentially becoming incapacitated and unable to express your final wishes. A health care proxy makes that risk more bearable by allowing you to entrust someone to make decisions regarding your medical treatment in your stead.

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What Is a Health Care Proxy in Massachusetts?

The two advance health care directives you can create in Massachusetts are:

  1. A living will—A form that focuses on the specifics of your treatment and represents your personal wishes. If you don’t entrust anyone with your health, creating a living will might be a better option for you
  2. Health care proxy—By creating a health care proxy, you’re designating a person (typically referred to as a health care agent) to handle all health care-related decisions for you when you become unable to speak for yourself

The best time to create a health care proxy is:

  • When your assigned doctor diagnoses you with a terminal illness
  • Before you undergo a risky medical procedure that can cause:
    • Unconsciousness or coma
    • Brain damage
    • Other conditions that would render you unable to speak

Some other commonly used names for the health care agent are:

  • Patient advocate
  • Health care representative
  • Attorney-in-fact
  • Medical proxy
  • Health care surrogate

Some states recognize the difference between a health care proxy and medical power of attorney, but the state of Massachusetts considers them to be the same document.

Who Can Be Your Agent in a Massachusetts Medical Power of Attorney?

To find out who can be your agent according to the Massachusetts health care proxy law, check the guidelines in the table below:

Your health care agent can be your:Your health care agent cannot be:
  • Relative
  • Friend
  • Spouse
The operator or an employee of any health facility you’re already administered in or have applied for admission (unless the person is your close relative, spouse, or adopter/adoptee)

The law also allows you to designate two agents—the primary one and an alternate one in case the former is unable to fulfill the obligations imposed by the medical power of attorney.

What Does Invoking a Health Care Proxy in Massachusetts Mean?

Your assigned physician will invoke your health care proxy when they estimate that you’re unable to communicate your wishes about further treatment (or lack thereof). Invoking a health care proxy in Massachusetts means that your designated agent can decide:

  • Who administers your medical treatment
  • Where you receive treatment
  • Which life-sustaining methods you’re subjected to
  • Whether your healthy organs will be donated after death

Ways To Get a Health Care Proxy in Massachusetts

Once you choose your health care agent, it’s time to create the health care proxy. Some of the options at your disposal are:

  • Doing it yourself—You can download an online form or write your Massachusetts health care proxy from zero
  • Hiring a lawyer to do it for you—Lawyers’ services are high-quality but often too expensive
  • Using DoNotPay—With our app, you’re only minutes away from getting a personalized health care proxy in Massachusetts

DoNotPay Creates Advance Directives That Cater to Your Wishes

Creating an advance directive in Massachusetts doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost you exorbitant amounts of money. You can easily and quickly prepare for any unforeseen medical circumstance if you sign up for DoNotPay and:

  1. Open the Advance Health Care Directive product
  2. Tell us about your preferences regarding the future medical care you might need
  3. Enter the name of your health care agent
  4. Name two witnesses who will see you sign the document

After receiving your Massachusetts living will and health care proxy, you will need to sign them and let the witnesses you mentioned do the same. The final step to getting valid advance health care directive forms in Massachusetts is to find a notary public and get your documents notarized. If you can’t find an available notary public in Massachusetts, try our online notary service!

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