Affording College With Maryland Scholarships

Discover and Apply for Scholarships Affording College With Maryland Scholarships

A Complete Guide to Securing Maryland Scholarships

Have you set your eyes on the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, or any other of the 55 schools in Maryland? Financial aid can help you pave your way to the university or college of your dreams.

Whether you are a resident or out-of-state student, Maryland scholarships can help you study stress-free. There are many aid programs for current and prospective students, so DoNotPay will help you find and pick the best ones.

Read our comprehensive guide to learn:

How To Find Scholarships and Grants in Maryland

The first step is the hardest, and many students don’t know how to start the search. If you want to gather information about scholarships, resort to the following sources:

  • Federal agencies
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission’s website
  • The financial aid offices at your prospective schools
  • Profit and non-profit organizations—such as:
    • Maryland Library Association
    • The Maryland Parent and Family Association
    • American Red Cross Youth
    • National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)
  • Maryland foundations—including:
    • The Maryland 4-H Foundation
    • The Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry
    • The Goldseker Foundation
    • The Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives (VMDAEC) Education Foundation
  • Online scholarship search engines

If you want to simplify the search, subscribe to DoNotPay. A personalized list of gift aid you are eligible for is only a few taps away with our app. We will even summarize the key program details—such as the amounts, deadlines, and requirements.

Types of Scholarships for Maryland Students

Maryland offers scholarships for students at different levels of studies. You can get financial assistance as:

If you belong to a particular group of students, you can expand your scholarship options and get one for being:

Scholarship in Maryland You Should Check Out

Scholarships are classified based on various factors. You can look into federal aid programs at your university or department or seek financial assistance for students in unique situations. The options are numerous, and it’s almost impossible to review them all, so check out a few of the ones you shouldn’t miss:

Type of ScholarshipScholarship Examples
General scholarships
  • Maryland Delegate Scholarship
  • Maryland Senatorial Scholarship
  • Graduate and Professional Scholarship Program
  • Howard P. Rawlings Educational Assistance Grant
  • Howard P. Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant
  • Carson Scholars Fund Scholarship
Career-specific scholarships
  • Teaching Fellows of Maryland Scholarship
  • Hal and Jo Cohen Graduate Nursing Scholarship
  • Letitia B. Carter Scholarship for hospitality-related majors
  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Central Maryland Education Foundation for STEM students
  • The Dwight P. Jacobus Scholarships for students pursuing a career in business or education
  • Henrietta Price Scholarship for occupational therapy students
Population-specific scholarships

How To Apply for Maryland State Scholarships

Unfortunately, scholarship applications for Maryland students aren't centralized. You need to apply for each program you qualify for individually.

Certain funders only request that you fill out their form and/or submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but others can also ask for:

When applying, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Read the requirements with care
  2. Aim for the early deadline
  3. Send a request to all programs you qualify for
  4. Write down the important dates
  5. Personalize your essays

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Follow these steps:

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  3. Answer a few questions

You’ll get your tailor-made list and learn more about each program in just a few clicks. You can also use our nifty app to apply for no-essay scholarships automatically. If you find any that you like, let us know, and we’ll apply on your behalf.

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