Maryland Advance Directive—Everything You Need To Know

Advance Health Care Directive Maryland Advance Directive—Everything You Need To Know

The Essential Info About the Maryland Advance Directive

If you want to express your clear wishes on how to be treated in case you are incapacitated because of a serious illness or injury, you should create a suitable legal document. The document may be known by different names in various states, but its purpose is the same. It will help your loved ones decide for you and still honor your will.

DoNotPay can provide you with all the relevant information about a Maryland advance directive and help create this sensitive document.

What You Should Know About an Advance Directive in Maryland

An advance directive is a legal document that states what treatments you allow or not in case of a medical emergency or near the end of your life. This document can also name a person who will make health care decisions for you when you become unable to decide for yourself.

This document has various names, such as personal directive, health care proxy, medical power of attorney, and more. DoNotPay explains the slight differences between them, if any exist, so you know whether to opt for the medical POA or health care proxy.

What Should an Advance Directive in Maryland Contain?

An advance directive in Maryland has two parts, and you can create only one or both of them. The documents are a:

  1. Living will
  2. Durable power of attorney for health care (medical power of attorney)

What Is a Maryland Living Will?

A living will states your wishes regarding potential life-sustaining treatments. It usually goes into effect when:

  • Death is imminent despite using life-sustaining procedures
  • You are in a persistent vegetative state
  • You have an end-stage condition, which is advanced, incurable, and results in complete physical dependency (Alzheimer's disease, for example)

Should you decide to create a living will, consult DoNotPay about the cost and available forms you are supposed to use.

What Is a Maryland Medical Power of Attorney?

A durable power of attorney for health care is a document that appoints your health care agent or proxy. This person will be in charge of making decisions about your medical treatments when you cannot do so yourself.

You can also specify when you want your agent to gain this power:

  • Right away
  • After a physician determines that you are no longer capable of deciding for yourself

When appointing an agent, it is important to choose someone you trust. It can be anyone older than 18, but people often opt for spouses, family members, or close friends. You can also name an independent third party to act as your proxy.

How To Create an Advance Directive in Maryland

You can create an advance directive in Maryland in a few ways, but the results and the cost will differ significantly. Take a look at the table below for more information:

Make an Advance Directive ByExplanation
Hiring a lawyerA lawyer can draft a top-notch document for you, but the issue is that they charge hefty fees for their service
Creating the document yourselfYou can save some money by drawing up the document using online forms. If you don’t have the required knowledge, this method may result in an invalid advance directive
Using DoNotPayIf you want to get an enforceable document and save your money, you should opt for DoNotPay

Create an Advance Directive in Maryland With DoNotPay’s Help

The best way to compose an airtight advance directive in Maryland is DoNotPay. We can handle the entire procedure fast and hassle-free. You should only complete a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Choose the Advance Health Care Directive product
  3. Name your agent and include other relevant medical information (hospital, physician, etc.)
  4. Let us know what powers you want to appoint to your agent
  5. Enter the names of the individuals who will witness the signing

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