How to Contact ManoMano Customer Service Without the Stress

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company How to Contact ManoMano Customer Service Without the Stress

Contact ManoMano Customer Service The Easy Way

You want to get in touch with one of the largest DIY and gardening services in Europe, but you fail to speak with a live human. It's painful and frustrating to listen to the automated voice on ManoMano customer support. By the time you get in touch with a live human, you have lost interest in what you wanted.

But, what if there is an efficient way to connect you with a live human anytime you contact ManoMano customer service? DoNotPay provides an efficient, fast, and reliable option to reach out to ManoMano customer service and speak with a live human anytime you need a service.

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ManoMano Support Contact Number and Email

Reaching out to ManoMano customer services is not the easiest thing to do. The company customer support can fail to respond to your emails, connect you a real human customer care support, or even fail to address your complaint.

There are multiple consumer complaints about the unresponsiveness of ManoMano customer support. Therefore, the chances that your issue will be addressed satisfactorily or even get you to speak with a live human being is minimal.

Nevertheless, there are multiple ways to contact ManoMano customer support, including

How to Reach ManoMano Customer Support
WebsiteHelp Centre
Phone Number+44 176 680 8005
PostColibri SAS,


52 Rue Bayen

75017, Paris.



The customer service is available

Monday to Friday from 0800hrs to 2000 hrs,

Saturdays from 09:00hrs, and Sundays from 0900 to 1500 hrs.


It is one of the least effective means, you can reach out to the ManoMano customer support through the following address

Colibri SAS,


52 Rue Bayen

75017, Paris.


If you prefer the online way, you can contact the company's virtual advisor via online chat and contact form. However, you will need to indicate your email address, your complaints or queries.

Social Networks

Lastly, another effective method to reach out to ManoMano customer support can be through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

If the ManoMano customer support does not address your problem effectively, or if you want to file more complaints against the company, other independent bodies can help you resolve the problem.

ADR Schemes

Companies like ManoMano are required to provide alternative means of solving customer disputes. The alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme can help you and the company find an amicable solution to your problem. It provides an independent arbitration to adjudicate a dispute between two parties.

The decision of the adjudicator is binding on both parties. If you feel the scheme has not addressed the problem as intended, you can take the matter to an ombudsman or court.


Ombudsman is a form of ADR. Before you take this step, you must prove that you have reached a position of deadlock with Manomano.

This can happen when you have gone through the entire company's official complaints procedures, but the company believes it cannot do anything to resolve the issue.

You can request a letter of deadlock to prove that you have taken all the necessary steps. However, an ombudsman can only help resolve the dispute when administrative errors are detected.

Some ombudsmen can request you give the company some time to resolve the problem. In addition, there is a time limit as to how old a dispute can be taken to an ombudsman.

Government bodies that can help you with a complaint against a company include

  • The financial ombudsman service
  • Communication and internet services adjudication scheme (CISAS)
  • The consumer ombudsman

Small Claims Court

You can file your dispute against ManoMano to the small claims court. This is the last option you have if all other means have failed.

The total compensation you can claim at this level in England and Wales is 10,000 pounds.

Common Reasons People Contact ManoMano Support

You may need to reach out to ManoMano customer service for various reasons, such as

  1. Make a complaint
  2. Request additional information
  3. Exercise your right of withdrawal
  4. Track an order

Get In Touch With ManoMano Customer Service Using DoNotPay

If you experience a problem with ManoMano, you want the problem to be addressed immediately and efficiently. However, this may not happen, and you can be forced to go through the frustrating process of waiting to communicate with a real human.

That's why DoNotPay has value for your money and time. We have developed a robot to help connect you with the next available Manomano customer service agent. You no longer have to engage with the automated voice waiting for a real human to respond.

Here is what you need to do to get started with DoNotPay and skip ManoMano phone queue:

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  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.


  3. Search for the company you’d like to call.


  4. Click on the name of the company and have us do the work for you.


That’s it! DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

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