How to Make Money on YouNow

How to Make Money on YouNow Hassle-Free

Itching to be the star of the show? It's easier now than ever to make yourself the center of attention. All you need is a camera and an internet connection. If that wasn't good enough, some platforms would sweeten the deal by offering you the opportunity to turn your interactions with viewers into income. You can make money doing things you already love to do for an audience by signing up for YouNow. If you're interested in joining the ranks of , DoNotPay can get you started.

Start Broadcasting on YouNow

Why YouNow?

Like YouTube and Facebook's Live options, there is something appealing about seeing a performer without their polish. Finished videos are a glimpse into their lives, but they feel curated. With a stream, you get everything in real-time. There are no outtakes or do-overs, lending a feeling of authenticity. If you are familiar with Twitch, YouNow offers a similar feature set, where viewers can reward streamers for their creativity and consistency. Popular stream topics include

  • Gaming
  • Live Music
  • Live Drawing/Painting

If viewers are enjoying your content, they can give you likes, making your stream trend and reach more people. The more people you get in front of, the more opportunities you have to receive gifts in the form of Diamonds, which .

Level up to a YouNow Partner

When YouNow debuted, users had to be . Now, any user can earn during their stream. To get Diamonds, you must receive a gift from a viewer during your stream. The number of Diamonds you get per gift depends on your Broadcaster Level. There are seven possible levels, signified by badges, on YouNow. Criteria for each badge includes:

BroadcasterYou reach this level the first time you stream
1-Star Broadcaster5 concurrent viewers, 10 fans, and 200 likes
2-Star Broadcaster10 concurrent viewers, 50 fans, and 2,000 likes
3-Star Broadcaster20 concurrent viewers, 500 fans, and 10,000 likes
4-Star Broadcaster40 concurrent viewers, 1,000 fans, and 1,200,000 likes
5-Star Broadcaster60 concurrent viewers, 2,500 fans, and 2,500,000 likes
PartnerThere are no tangible criteria for becoming a partner, and there is no guarantee you will be made a Partner after becoming a 5-Star Broadcaster.

In the first six levels, each step earns you 25% more Diamonds per gift. When you become a YouNow Partner, you receive 30% more Diamonds than a Five Star Broadcaster.

How Much Can I Earn Streaming on YouNow?

The answer, like any streaming platform, is that it completely depends on the following you can build. How can you grow your audience within your current niche or even cross over into something else? The more eyes you have on you, . You can increase your following by

  • Adding a picture to your profile - People like the idea of connecting with a real person much more than with a gray circle.
  • Adding a bio to your profile - Let people know what you're interested in even when you're not online.
  • Leveraging your existing network - YouNow lets you notify your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube when you're streaming.
  • Use popular (and relevant) hashtags on your streams.
  • Naming your broadcast - Like a hashtag, this allows people to find you based on their interests.
  • Streaming consistently on the same days at the same time.
  • Interacting with your viewers - You can post on your viewers' profiles after they engage with you.

Cashing Out

Any Diamonds you earn will show as pending for seven days. You can exchange your Diamonds directly for Bars or for cash. If you go for the cash option, you need at least 750,000 Diamonds before you can redeem, while Bars have a much lower threshold of 100,000. If your payment request fails, there are a few things you can check:

  1. Make sure you enter the correct bank information.
  2. If you're redeeming to a PayPal account, make sure the email you entered in YouNow matches your PayPal email.
  3. Try cashing out in smaller increments. YouNow allows you to acquire up to $15,000 in Diamonds, but you may not be able to redeem that in a single transaction.

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