Smart Tips on How to Make Money on Yelp

Make Money Online Smart Tips on How to Make Money on Yelp

Smart Tips on How to Make Money on Yelp

An online review presence is something relied on by the vast majority of people before they make their purchasing choices. If you are thinking of making money on Yelp review strategies or other social media sites, DoNotPay has the info and services to help you make that happen and earn extra money.

Above all, DoNotPay wants to help as many people as possible learn how to make money on the side, even if just on the weekends. Read on to learn more about how you can make money from your phone, using financially rewarding apps, or your computer with internet-based money-making methods.

For your established and budding business, though, one of the easiest things you can do to propel your social momentum is to set up a review site, such as Yelp, to make more money and generate positive brand recognition in your niche market.

How to Make Money on Yelp

Here’s how you can start making money on Yelp.

1. Set Up Your Profile

Setting up your profile can be done at the Yelp for Business Owners page. Unfortunately, Yelp makes it difficult or impossible for privacy-conscious and security-minded users to use proxies and ad-blockers. When you're ready, enter your business name and make sure someone hasn't already created a business page for you. If this is so, you'll need to send in a report to the Yelp customer support team.

Otherwise, click on "Add your business" and get started. Enter your business information, including your name, business address, contact information, web pages, hours of operation, and the categories your products or services fall under. Send it in by clicking "Add business" and then confirm your account through your email.

Next, you'll want to optimize your page and set it up for the most professional image. Upload an image for your business – you get much lower traffic without one – and ensure that your written content is optimized for SEO by making it as relevant to your audience as possible.

2. Sharing Your Profile

When it all looks good, advertise your profile far and wide, and invite, encourage, and incentivize customers to leave reviews. Make sure you don't turn people off by trying to "corral" them into doing so – but hey, it's your business!

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop in the U.S.A. or Canada, you can get "Find Us On Yelp" stickers to put in your window. For your web presence, use Yelp's embed code to seamlessly integrate your Yelp profile into your web pages. This will put a Yelp script on your site, and if you'd like to avoid that, you can just link to it the good-old-fashioned way.

If you are a business that schedules reservations for your services, check out the Yelp reservations system, and for any business, there is a Yelp Deals feature for creating discounts and buying prepaid vouchers. You're all set to start leveraging Yelp to make more money online or at your physical business.

Yelp Contact Information
WebsiteYelp for Business Owners page
Support PageYelp Reservations System
Discount PageYelp Deals
Support Phone(877) 767-9357
HoursMonday through Friday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST

Tips for Earning Money on Yelp

Tip #1

Those Yelp deals are certain to generate a higher number of reviews, because they will go to people who are already using Yelp regularly.

Tip #2

Treat your Yelp profile like a web page and regularly add content to it that is timely and interesting. This keeps it showing up higher in search rankings. It could backfire if you set a profile up and let it become outdated and unkempt; people could think that your business itself is, too.

Tip #3

Responding to activity on your Yelp page is the best way to ensure that you make more genuine connections with those taking the time to interact with you or your market base through your profile. Set your account settings to notify you of the activity you wish to be most proactive about, and you can do this all the more with the mobile Yelp app.

Tip #4

Use the Yelp signature in your emails – especially if you do email marketing. The more reviews you get, the more it can work for you.

Tip #5

If you're really serious about using reviews to raise your business profile, look into the paid Yelp features for better ranking and other preferences. There's a lot of Yelping going on, and you want to make sure you more easily cut through the static.

Summary of Making Money on Yelp

By following the steps above, your online presence will start growing outside of your specific websites. It also will help your networking efforts and keep your brand at the top of people's lists – especially if they are frequent Yelp users.

It can also be like a little micro business in and of itself. While this is part of the non-monetary cost of keeping your business vibrant and relevant, it is also possible that it becomes more of another business chore after a while – especially if you already have a lot to manage.

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