2 Easy Ways You Can Make Money on Vimeo

How To Make Money On Vimeo

The internet has become a bottomless well of resources. You can make thousands of dollars through your internet-enabled computer or phone at the comfort of your home. Vimeo is a perfect example of ways you can make money through the internet.

Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and service platform provider based in New York City, USA. Founded in November 2004, the platform delivers high-definition videos across multiple devices.

With over 90 million videos uploaded on Vimeo, content creators are not limited to the amount of content to upload on the platform. The content creators take home more than 90% of the revenue earned on the platform.

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How Do I Make Money On Vimeo?

provides you with a perfect platform to make money on the side as a content creator by monetizing the videos you upload on the platform. There are two ways you can choose from to monetize your videos on Vimeo, including:

Vimeo On DemandVimeo on Demand allows you to sell your videos directly to your consumers. Vimeo on Demand enables you to regulate the amount, type, and frequency of videos you put out and the price from wherever you are. You can sell these videos on your Vimeo account or your website.

The Vimeo On Demand prominent features are:

  • You keep 90% of the revenue you make, while the remaining 10% caters to your account maintenance
  • Your audience can consume your content from any internet-enabled device in high definition(HD)
  • You have the right to customize and personalize your Vimeo on Demand page
  • You have complete control of your content, and you can decide what, when, and where to upload your content
Vimeo OTTVimeo OTT is one of the best places to sell over-the-top media services. The advantages of using Vimeo OTT include:
  • You get to deliver branded content on all major platforms
  • Vimeo OTT allows you to access comprehensive real-time video analytics of your account, including the watch-time per subscriber and the most popular videos
  • You have access to advanced selling options such as subscriptions, ads, and one-time purchases for all your live and on-demand classes

How Do I Qualify for the Vimeo Affiliate Program?

Vimeo offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn as a Vimeo partner. The affiliate program comes with the following advantages:

  • You earn a commission every time someone signs up to Vimeo through your referral
  • You earn commissions on the monthly and annual subscriptions of all the people you have referred to Vimeo
  • You get paid extra cash during the periodic sales contest

To be an affiliate partner, you need to be an active Vimeo subscriber and apply as an affiliate through the Vimeo partners feature.

How Much Does Vimeo Pay Per View?

The number of people who subscribe or pay for your content determines the money you earn from Vimeo. The average earnings from Vimeo are $260 per 1000 views. You can monetize your content on a monthly or annual basis.

You retain 90% of the earnings you get from Vimeo, while the remaining 10% is used to maintain your account and the platform.

The amount of money you earn on your Vimeo affiliate program ranges from $5-100, depending on your subscription.

Summary Of Making Money On Vimeo

Finding a convenient platform to make money on the internet can be daunting. Vimeo is one platform that makes a great source of income, depending on your strategy.

Despite all the excellent Vimeo features, you need to do more than sign up and create content to earn a decent amount of money. Since your earnings depend on the number of people paying to view your videos, you need to create top-notch content and market your brand aggressively.

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What Are The Alternative Platforms To Make Money?

There is an endless list of ways you can make money through the internet, as a full-time job, or as a side hustle during the weekends, including:

1. Selling goods and services through mobile apps

2. Buying and selling of investment in a stock market through platforms such as Robinhood

3. Marketing of goods and services on social media

4. Trading cryptocurrency on platforms such as Coinbase

5. Affiliate marketing

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