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StubHub is one of the world's leading ticket and resale companies based in San Francisco and California, United States. The company provides services for buyers and sellers to purchase and sell tickets for sporting activities, concerts, theaters, and other live-performing entertainment.

StubHub provides you with a golden opportunity to make money on the platform by selling tickets to clients. However, is not easy since you have to research popular events, otherwise, you will keep your tickets as souvenirs. You don't have to gamble with your money when DoNotPay make-online money product can help maximize your trading in a fast way.

Learn How to Qualify to Sell Tickets on StubHubThe only primary qualification to start selling tickets on the platform is creating a StubHub account which functions as your virtual box office. The account you have formed will automatically track the tickets you have listed. If a ticket sells, you get an automatic notification through your mobile App or the company website. Take note that you can only sell tickets when the ticket event has been registered in the company system.
Explore How to Add an Event on StubHubThere is no issue when you are selling tickets for a significant event like the Super Bowl since it is already in the system. The problem arises when you sell tickets for a local event as it requires you to create an event and add it to the company system. Kindly be aware that tickets sell faster when an official fan is ready to purchase them.

To make your local event official, you have to register it on the StubHub system by filling out the company event request form available on the company website. Some of the details you have to fill in the form include:

  • The name of the event
  • The date
  • The venue
  • The time
  • The location
  • Any additional and relevant information about the event

How Much Do I Earn to Sell Tickets on StubHub?

You have the freedom to set the price for your ticket; however, they must be within the price range of your competitors. gains its revenue from the fees charged on the ticket prices, and thus you won't be charged any fee for listing your items on the platform.

When your tickets sell, you are charged a marginal fee for using their ticketing system. Approximately you are charged 15% from the final selling price of your tickets. If you buy tickets, you will be charged not more than 10% of the buying price. Assuming you want to sell a ticket for $100 on the platform after the fee has been deducted, you will get $85, not including taxes.

The StubHub pay feature gives you a breakdown of the amount to get after selling certain tickets, including the estimated tax and service fee.

Summary of How to Sell Tickets on StubHub by Yourself

To start selling tickets on StubHub, you need to:

  • Create a StubHub account
  • Find the event you want to sell tickets for; if it is not the system, create it and add it to the company system.
  • Choose the date for the event as well as the type of ticket you are selling
  • Give the details of the event
  • Select the payment method of your preference
  • Review the ticket and publish your StubHub listing
  • Your tickets are ready for purchase

Though you might use DIY methods above to sell your tickets on StubHub, it might disappoint at the end of the day. For instance, if the event is not available on the company system, it will take more than seven days for your event to be added after creating it. The worst is when you have any issue adding the event, as it might take even longer, affecting your plans to sell your tickets. The DoNotPay product eliminates all these inconveniences and makes you sell your tickets smoothly.

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