How to Make Money on Mixer Effortlessly

How to Make Money on Mixer Effortlessly

If you're interested in making money from the comfort of your home, there are several options available for you. As of February 2022, the average hourly salary for a freelancer in the United States is $21.52 - just one hour of freelance work a day leaves you with over a hundred dollars in your pocket at the end of the week! If you're interested specifically in streaming, whether it's with music or video games, Mixer could serve as a great option for you.

Mixer is a live streaming platform that offers both a mobile app and a website format. Similar to other popular streaming companies like YouTube and Twitch, Mixer offers viewers the ability to live chat with the streamers they watch, as well as other viewers. You can live stream virtually anything on Mixer, but some of the most popular options are video games, music/performance, or simple streaming where the creator talks to the viewers in real-time. can provide you with extra income through features like Direct Purchase and Mixer Partners.

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How to Make Money on Mixer

Like any streaming service, it takes time to begin earning significant money on Mixer. There are several different ways you can , including:

  1. The Direct Purchase Program

If you use Mixer to stream video games, you can promote those games during the stream itself. The Direct Purchase Program offered by Mixer creates a button that allows viewers to purchase the game you're playing. When a purchase is made, you'll receive 5% of the price of the game.

Game type is limited to those in the Microsoft Store.

  1. Sponsorships From Companies

Receiving sponsorships is one of the best ways to make money on Mixer. Brands will pay large amounts for you to promote their product on your streams or social media, but they're difficult to get! Creating a brand new account on Mixer requires you to reach out to companies and advertise yourself, rather than having them reach out to you. When you begin to get more popular, it's more likely that companies will take the first step in the partnership and reach out to you.

The amount will differ based on the company and your current popularity as a Mixer streamer. If you get more views and have more engagement on your social media, you'll likely get paid more, as more people will be viewing the company's product.

  1. Donations From Viewers

When you create excellent content, your viewers will be more likely to tip you for it! Several streamers on Mixer use other websites like Patreon to accept money for their services. On Patreon, you can create different tiers of access to your account - if someone pays more, they're able to access more exclusive content. You can then charge for these tiers and accept donations on the platform.

Streamers can also use Skills to earn extra money. Skills allow viewers to send effects to a stream, including gifs and stickers, and streamers are compensated for each Skill used. The amount is small but can add up quickly if your viewers use a lot of Skills during your streams. You must be a Mixer Partner to use this feature.

  1. Mixer Partnership Program

The Mixer Partnership Program allows streamers to monetize their content. Similar to how YouTube creators are able to earn money from streams on their videos, Mixer Partners earn through ad revenue that's incurred during their streams. There are several qualifications you must meet to become a Mixer Partner.

How to Become a Mixer Partner

Becoming a Mixer Partner takes time and commitment, but it's one of the most stable ways to receive income from Mixer. Here's how to become a Mixer Partner:

Confirm you meet the eligibility requirements
  • The account is at least two months old and has at least 2,000 followers.
  • You must do at least twelve streams per month, totaling 25 hours or more.
Pass the quality reviewMixer will review your account to see if it fits their standards for a Mixer Partnership. The qualities that they focus on when reviewing include professionalism, uniqueness, and community building.
Receive your partnershipMixer Partners earn money through ad revenue and have access to several perks. These include free Pro status, emotes, priority support and feedback, and dual streaming. Partners can even give away codes that provide access to Mixer Pro for free once a month, which gives viewers great incentive to engage with your content.

Summary of Making Money on Mixer

Mixer is a great platform to use if you're passionate about streaming, especially with video games, but it's not enough to serve as a significant source of side income. Becoming a Mixer Partner takes a long time - two months minimum to meet the account requirements, but it often takes much longer to get thousands of followers.

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