How to Make Money on Autopilot

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Who doesn't want to add extra money to their pocket each month? With passive income methods, you have the ability to earn extra money without a significant amount of time or effort - even though it can take a while to get to that point! One of the easiest ways to earn additional passive income is by developing ways to make money on autopilot. With these methods, you can get extra money without any extra effort, as passive income lets you build wealth nearly 24/7.

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How to Make Money on Autopilot

There are a variety of ways to , both on your phone and computer. Check out the options below to see which works best for your personal situation and financial goals!

  1. Start a Website or Blog

Starting a website or blog is one of the best ways to create passive income that's stable in the long run. To have a successful blog, you also need to have a significant social media following or other methods of reaching your audience.

Gaining traffic on your website or blog can be a tedious process, but if you stay committed, you can make up to $2,500 a month in your first year of blogging. You can monetize your blog in several ways:

  • Implement affiliate links that give you a percent of the purchase price when a reader uses your link to buy a product.
  • Use display ads, which pay you to place ad images on your blog.
  • Sell services or products on your website.

If your website focuses on your original work, like personal recipes, make sure you're taking the necessary measures to keep them safe.

  1. Create a Podcast or YouTube Channel

Similar to creating a website or blog, creating a podcast or YouTube channels are methods of earning that can take time to get going. Podcasts are popular for topics like crime, food, and television drama.

YouTube channels can be used for visual talents, like art, film-making, and fashion. You can connect other social media accounts to your channel or podcast, and if you make your own products, you can use your platform to promote them and increase your sales.

  1. Sign Up for a High Yield Savings Account

This is one of the most passive methods on this list. Signing up for a high yield savings account allows you to earn money without doing anything, but you need to make a significant deposit to see significant results.

A high yield account ensures that you'll make good money through interest, regardless of what amount you put in, but putting in more money means that you can maximize your earnings through interest accumulation.

  1. Take Online Surveys, Watch Videos, or Play Games

While these methods aren't necessarily passive, they don't require the same effort and focus as a day job, allowing you to multitask and make money while you do so. There are many different websites that will pay you to take surveys, play games, or watch videos. Explore the links below to see which website seems like a good match for you.

  1. InboxDollars - Money for watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, and shopping online. Offers sign-up bonus of $5.
  2. Swagbucks - Money or gift cards for watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping online. Offers sign-up bonus of $10.
  3. Prolific - Money for taking surveys and participating in research studies.
  4. Opinion Outpost - Money for giving your opinion and taking surveys.
  5. RewardSurvey - Money for taking surveys. Offers sign-up bonus of $30.

Even though it doesn't take too much effort, it does take time and dedication to earn enough money to cash out with these websites. Each one has a different threshold that must be reached (I.e. $20) before you're able to cash out and access your money.

Other Sources of Income Online

If you decide to find a more sustainable income, you can research these other topics that you can make money with online:

Become a virtual assistantDo research online
Offer social media consultancySet up a Patreon
Review websites and appsJoin an affiliate program
Launch a YouTube channelParticipate in focus groups
Become an online travel agentSell photos online

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