How to File a Report with Madison County Animal Control

Animal Control How to File a Report with Madison County Animal Control

How to File a Report with Madison County Animal Control using DoNotPay

There are many instances where you may need to contact Madison County Animal Control. For example, when you encounter an injured dog or a wandering cat and there's no owner in sight. You can also call animal control if there's an aggressive pet in your neighborhood and the owner is unavailable or refuses to do anything to address the problem. And, of course, if the pet attacks you, you should call the police and the Madison County Animal Control.

But as you may already know, the process of contacting such authorities can be daunting – especially if you have other important things to take care of. DoNotPay can ease the burden of filing your report with the Madison County Animal Control. It can guide you through the process or do it for you.

DoNotPay is a legal chatbot designed to make filing reports fast, easy and successful. In addition to Madison County Animal Control, we can help report with MiamiAtlanta, and Los Angeles Animal Control.

About Madison County Animal Control Department

Madison County Animal Control exists to help animals and people too. So, when in doubt, it's best to err on the side of caution and contact them. The department:

  1. Identifies and returns lost pets
  2. Enforces animal control laws
  3. Investigates animal cruelty and neglect
  4. Investigates dog bites
  5. Offers humane education
  6. Provides humane trapping for nuisance animals
  7. Offers emergency transport for injured animals
  8. Impounds and shelters abandoned and stray animals
  9. Provides community resources regarding animal behavior and welfare

It is essential to understand that although the Madison County Animal Control Department impounds and shelters abandoned and stray animals, it does not run an animal shelter. If your animal were impounded within the city limits, you'd need to check with the Huntsville Animal Service.

Madison County encourages residents to check Facebook groups for lost animals. Since many people post voluntarily about lost cats and dogs, you might be lucky to find a post about your lost pet.

How to Contact Madison County Animal Control

You can contact the Madison County Animal Control via mail, online, phone, or in person.

Address3210 Hi-Lo Circle, Huntsville, AL 35811
Phone Number(256) 532-1651 or (256) 532-1519

Instances You Can Call Animal Control in Madison County

One of the most critical instances you can contact Madison animal control is when the Madison County animal ordinance is violated. This includes when:

  1. You or any other person is at risk.
  2. The animal is being abused.
  3. The animal is neglected.

Call 911 immediately if there is active animal abuse, an injured animal, or a person who has been bitten by a dog and requires medical attention. After you receive the medical care, you can report the dog bite.

You can also reach out to figure out if your pet has been picked and taken to a local shelter.

What to do When a Dog Bites You in Madison County

Pets are meant to be fun. However, if you end up sustaining dog bites due to someone else's negligence, you need to take steps to get compensation and ensure the dog doesn't bite someone else. DoNotPay can guide you through these steps and even help you through all of them, so you can focus on getting better.

Get to Safety and Seek Medical Attention

First, you want to distance yourself from the dog for safety reasons. Then, tend to the wound right away to minimize the chances of bacterial infection. You also need to examine the wound to determine the severity. If it's a small bite, you can administer first aid to yourself, but if it's serious, you'll need immediate medical attention.

Report to the authorities

Call 911 immediately to prevent further aggression from the animal. Remember to take photos of the dog bite and retain your medical and financial records.

Identify and Sue the Dog Owner

If you sustain injury due to a dog bite, you have the right to sue them for damages. It doesn't matter if you were bitten due to the owner's negligence, fault, or knowledge of the propensity of the dog bite. A dog bite lawyer will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Report the Attack to Madison County Animal Control

Call animal control if the animal poses a danger to your or anyone else in the vicinity. If an animal is being abused, animal control will investigate the matter and remove the animal from such a situation.

How DoNotPay Will Help You File a Report with Madison County Animal Control

If you don't want the hassle of filing reports yourself, DoNotPay can help you with the process. You file a report to Madison animal control with just a few answers.

How to report an animal-related incident on DoNotPay:

If you want to report an animal-related injury but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search "animal" on DoNotPay, find the Animal Control product, and select whether you've sustained a physical injury.


  2. Select whether you would like to report this incident to your local government agency, or demand compensation from the pet owner.


  3. Tell us more about the incident, including when and where you were injured, a description of the animal that caused the injury, and the contact information for the pet owner (if known).


And that's it! DoNotPay will file the demand letter or government report on your behalf with your incident details! You should hear back from them directly with further questions/confirmation regarding your demands.

DoNotPay Can Help You Wherever You Are in the US

DoNotPay is not only confined to Madison County, Alabama, it can also help if you are in other states. It can also prove helpful even if you are in transit from one state to the other. Yes, it will sort you out wherever you are in the US.

DoNotPay will help you with the following:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Filing animal control reports is not the only thing that DoNotPay can do. The AI-powered app can help you resolve day-to-day activities that affect your life. DoNotPay can help you with:

DoNotPay will eliminate the stress from the process of filing your reports and compensation claims. Try DoNotPay today!

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