How to Do a Macomb County Warrant Search?

How to Do a Macomb County Warrant Search?

A warrant for your arrest can be a serious issue. However, there are times when someone doesn't even know that a warrant has been issued in their name. A can be a vital asset when you need to know if you are being pursued by law enforcement for any type of crime. You may also want to utilize a warrant search to protect your family by knowing more about your babysitter, employees, or other members of your family.

Finding the right information isn't always easy. If you have never completed a warrant search before, you might not know where to start. If that is the case, then you can get the help you need for a warrant search with DoNotPay.

Reasons to Do a Warrant Search in Macomb County

A or any other county in the state of Michigan is an important tool when you need to know who may have an outstanding warrant on their record. Some of the reasons that you may want to conduct a warrant search on someone can include;

  1. As part of a background check for an employee
  2. When hiring a babysitter or other domestic staff
  3. Investigating a family member or close neighbor

If you are worried that you may have a bench warrant in your name in Macomb County, you can also conduct a warrant search on your own name. However, if you provide a formal request for a warrant search yourself, you may be providing law enforcement with the information it needs, such as your current address, in order to serve you the warrant. It is also important to remember that a warrant search will not provide you with additional documents such as arrest reports, police records, or judicial records. These will have to be requested separately and often through different means, such as through a lawyer or other authorized representative.

How to Complete a Warrant Search in Macomb County

Completing a warrant search in Macomb County can be a multi-step process, depending on which county office you are approaching to gather information on any outstanding warrants.

County Sheriff's Office

This may be the most common place to start when you are doing a warrant search in Macomb County. Although the sheriff's office may not be able to provide you with specific information, you can make a formal request to the head office. You can do this in person or by phone.

County Clerk's Office

The county clerk's office may be the next place to request information about an outstanding warrant. The county clerk handles much of the recorded information for the county. To request information about a warrant, you can visit their office.

Magistrate's Court

Another good source of information about criminal warrants can be the magistrate's court. Depending on the type of information you are requesting, you may be able to make a formal request in person.


You may be able to access information about outstanding warrants online. There are many websites that provide warrant searches across the country. However, these online sites may not have up-to-date information, and you may be required to pay for access to information that you could get for free by visiting county offices in person.

OnlineThird-Party Warrant Lookup
County Sheriff’s Office (In-Person)43565 Elizabeth Rd, Mt Clemens, Michigan 48043
Phone Number586-469-5151
County Clerk's Office (In-Person)10 North Gratiot, Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48043
Phone Number1-586-469-5120
Magistrate's Court (In-Person)35071 23 Mile Rd, New Baltimore, MI 48047

Get Help Doing a Warrant Search With DoNotPay

Warrant searches are not always easy to complete, especially if you have never completed one before. You may not know where to look or how much you should pay to access this type of information. With DoNotPay, the process is quick and easy.

How to Do a Warrant Search Without Frustration in Macomb County with DoNotPay

If you want to do a warrant search without frustration in Macomb County but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Check for Warrants product on DoNotPay.

  2. Choose whether you want to search for yourself or someone else, and answer a few questions to help us narrow down the search results, including current and previous addresses, age, the names of parents/relatives, and any known aliases.

  3. Select how you would like to receive the results in the case where we have to contact the police station on your behalf (by mail or email).

  4. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.

Doing Warrant Searches in Other Counties and States

Sometimes you may want to complete a warrant search outside of the area where you live. With DoNotPay, you can search for warrants on yourself or on others in many counties and states, including

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