How to Find the Cheapest Mac Repair Service Near Me

Quote My Repair How to Find the Cheapest Mac Repair Service Near Me

How to Get The Best Price on a MacBook Repair

Have you recently discovered your MacBook needs to be repaired? While Apple does stand behind its products, the road to your ultimate satisfaction with your MacBook repair is anything but smooth.

If you depend on your MacBook as being an integral piece of your work from home, or freelance business, missing valuable time due to the MacBook repair process will cost you more than dollars and cents.

Let's take a look at the MacBook repair process from your authorized Apple Store, and how you can negotiate a better price for your MacBook repair by using the 'Repairs Product' from DoNotPay.

How to Get Your MacBook Repaired by Apple

Before committing yourself to a MacBook repair by an Apple Store, or an Apple Authorized Repair Center, check this comprehensive list of older MacBook models to ensure you can get your MacBook repaired. 

If your MacBook qualifies as being a model that can be repaired, proceed with the process. Remember that you will need your Apple ID and Password.

Starting Your MacBook Repair Request

First, find out where your local Apple Repair Center or Authorized Dealer is located.

You now need to create an official request to Apple for a repair on your MacBook.

You can contact Apple directly for them to send you a box to package your MacBook in for transportation to the repair facility. Apple will do everything possible to get your MacBook repaired and returned quickly and efficiently.

How Much Will My MacBook Repair Cost?

There are three different scenarios where your MacBook repair will cost you nothing. Your MacBook should be:

  1. Covered Under Warranty
  2. Covered Under AppleCare+
  3. Covered By Consumer Law

If your MacBook is not covered in one of the above scenarios the price of your MacBook repair is dependent on the type of repair needed. You can always request an estimate from your service provider before any repair begins to give you an idea of what it will cost you to have your MacBook repaired.

Average MacBook Repair Cost

The national average of what a repair to any specific Apple product costs is between $45 and $145. This is according to Thumbtack, a leading computer repair company that specializes in repairing Apple products at a price far better than Apple can provide.

Here are some common MacBook repair prices from the Thumbtack website:

PartsRepair PriceRepair Timeframe
Laptop Hard Drive Replacement $225 to $250Two-days repair time if parts are in stock
Logic Board Replacement$400 to $500Depending on make/model and parts availability
Repairing Touch Bar and Logic Board of late models$1200 and upDepending on make/model and parts availability
MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement$80/hour for the laborRepairs are typically 2 to 3 hours.

Newer model numbers of Apple-compatible hard drives will be substantially higher.

What Is the Reason Behind Expensive MacBook Repairs?

If you just want to have your MacBook repaired by Apple, you have the sole right to pursue that avenue for your MacBook repair. Just be aware that several third-party vendors specialize in Apple product repairs without the Apple price.

Gophermods is one such vendor. They have a comprehensive Apple repair program that consistently beats the Apple price while still standing behind the product and its repairs.

Here is what Gophermod had to say about the soaring cost to repair a MacBook:

"There are many generations and variations of the MacBook that create a range of repairs costing as little as $29 and as much as $849."

Another reason driving up the cost of your MacBook repair is the number of extra repair parts needed to keep on hand to have the part you need for your MacBook every time it needs to be repaired.

Third-party repair vendors are required by Apple to keep a certain amount of parts available to be considered as an Apple Certified Repair Center. The number of third-party repair companies that can repair your MacBook, as well as Apple all, say that your MacBook repair costs are going to be governed by the model and the extent of damage to specific components of that model.

There is, however, a way to get the best price available for your MacBook repair with DoNotPay.

How to Get the Best Price for Your MacBook Repair by Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay is your information hub regarding a repair to your MacBook. DoNotPay offers you a fast, easy, and successful solution to finding the lowest cost to repair your MacBook.

Here’s how to start saving on repairs with DoNotPay:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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