Does Lowe's Do Cash Back Offers?

Get Cash Back Does Lowe's Do Cash Back Offers?

Does Lowe's Do Cash Back Offers?

Creating a home environment that you love may take some time, and it will take a few trips to your favorite home improvement store, such as Lowe's. You may be wondering if there is a Lowe's cashback program or credit card so that you can save even more when you want to buy home improvement supplies. Lowe's offers a variety of savings options that you can use every time you shop.

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Does Lowe's Provide Cashback Options?

Currently, Lowe's does not provide a cashback program with its store credit card. However, the Lowe's Advantage Card does have savings incentives that regular shoppers may enjoy. The card provides users with:

  • 20% off (up to $100) for new accounts, then 5% off every day
  • Purchases over $299 qualify for special 6-month financing
  • Purchases over $2,000 get 84 fixed monthly payments with reduced APR financing
  • Limited-time offers that help cardholders save even more in specific categories

Lowe's also provided credit card options for businesses that provide even more savings for professionals.

How to Get Cashback From Lowe's Purchases

While you cannot get cashback directly from holding a Lowe's credit card, there are other ways that you can earn cashback on your purchases from Lowe's. Some of these programs include:

  1. Other Cashback Credit Cards

If you already use a cashback credit card, earning cashback for your Lowe's purchase is easy. All you have to do is use the card to make your purchase and you will earn points to redeem for cashback based on your specific card. A cashback credit card may also provide:

  • Quarterly rotating categories that will provide more points for your purchase
  • Extra points per purchase when shopping through the credit card's website
  1. Rakuten

When you like to shop online, Rakuten is the easy way to get cashback for your purchases from a variety of retailers, including Lowe's. Rakuten offers a specific percentage cashback on each purchase, plus it provides:

  • Current deals and coupon codes for every retailer
  • Additional percentage cashback at specific times
  • A browser add-on for automatic savings
  1. Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback savings app that provides cashback opportunities to most major retailers, including home improvement stores like Lowe's. Ibotta offers:

  • Up to 6% cashback on Lowe's purchases made through the app
  • The ability to cash out with PayPal, a bank account, or with gift cards to major retailers
  1. Honey

Honey is a browser add-on that doesn't provide cashback directly, but it does provide instant savings for thousands of online retailers. Honey will:

  • Search for active coupon codes and sales
  • Compare offers to find which codes work together to maximize savings
  • Provide you with the best offer before you complete your purchase
  1. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is another website that provides cashback for purchases you make online. RetailMeNot offers:

  • Up to 3% cashback for purchases at Lowe's
  • The ability to combine other offers to save even more
  • An app for shopping on the go

What Other Home Improvement Stores Offer Cashback?

While many home improvement stores offer credit cards to customers, most of these cards do not have a cashback incentive. Instead, the cards usually offer interest-free or special financing on large purchases. Some of these cards include those for Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

Home improvement stores also have rewards programs that you can take advantage of with many not linked to having a store credit card. These programs will offer points per purchase and provide you with an option for cashback or store credit when you redeem your points. If you are interested in what any home improvement store has to offer, you can check the store website or ask in-store for more information on these programs.

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Other Cashback Options

Store-affiliated credit cards are not the only way that you can get cash back whenever you make a purchase. There are a variety of bank-issued credit cards, digital wallets, and other programs that can help you earn cashback. Some of the cashback options that DoNotPay can help with include:

WalmartApple Pay
Citi CardDiscover Card

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