Low Property Taxes in Long Island Explained

Low Property Taxes in Long Island—Myth or Reality?

Do you live in Long Island and wonder why property taxes in this part of New York are so high? If you don’t feel like moving away, you should learn about areas with low property taxes in Long Island. DoNotPay can guide you through this search and reveal the ways of lowering these expenses!

Long Island Towns With Low Property Taxes—What Counties Have the Best Offers?

If you own property in Long Island, you are familiar with the hefty price of property taxes you’re required to pay each year. The average tax rates of the counties can be applied to their towns.

Take a look at the table below to see your options:

Long Island CountyTax RateMedian Home ValueMedian Annual Property Tax Payment
Suffolk County2.37%$386,800$9,157
Nassau County2.11%$460,700$10,000
Queens County (Queens)0.88%$504,900$4,443
Kings County (Brooklyn)0.66%$562,400$2,903

Queens and Brooklyn have better options, but towns further into Long Island, in Nassau and Suffolk County, have head-spinning property tax costs. In case you are determined to still live in this part of New York, you should find out how to lower your property taxes.

Ways To Lower Property Taxes in Long Island

You may need to pay large sums of money for property taxes in Long Island, but the good news is that you can lower them. To reduce these expenses, you should try:

  • Finding property tax exemptions
  • Filing property tax appeals
  • Skipping renovations of the property prior to the property tax assessment
  • Checking for mistakes on your tax bill
  • Going around the house alongside the property tax assessor and making sure they are doing their job according to the rules

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises in your mailbox, you should play it safe and search for property tax exemptions or file appeals if needed. The best part is that you don’t need to deal with either of the processes by yourself—DoNotPay is here to help!

What Property Tax Exemptions Are Available in Long Island?

You should look at property tax exemptions offered in New York and see whether you are eligible for any. The available options in Long Island include the:

  • Senior citizens exemptionElderly New Yorkers who are 65 or older have the right to apply for this exemption
  • Veterans exemption—Individuals who served in the U.S. Army and have proof of being discharged from service under honorable conditions may apply
  • Exemption for people with disabilities—People who can provide evidence of disability can request this exemption
  • Agricultural properties exemption—Farmlands that meet gross sales and acreage eligibility criteria may get this exemption
  • The School Tax Relief Program (STAR)—Residents who have a total income under $90,550 may qualify. They also need to be 65 to get the $30,000 exemption off the full value of their property from school taxes

See What Property Tax Exemptions in Long Island You Can Apply for With DoNotPay

You don’t have to rack your brain about the criteria for a property tax exemption in New York on your own—use DoNotPay instead! Our app is here to simplify the process of understanding what exemptions you are eligible for. The entire procedure is stress-free and takes a few clicks:

  1. Locate and open the Property Tax product
  2. Provide some personal information
  3. Tell us more about the property you own

You will receive a straightforward guide on property tax exemptions and immediately understand what your options are. We will also help you with the application process that can otherwise be complicated and time-consuming.

You Can Also Appeal Property Tax Assessments With DoNotPay

Another way of lowering your property taxes, no matter the state you live in, is to file property tax appeals. There are a few reasons to use this option of lowering your taxes:

  1. Learning that the property tax assessor evaluated your property more than once
  2. Seeing property that is no longer yours in the assessment
  3. Noticing a huge gap between the current and previous years’ property tax bills

is here to make the process of filing a property tax appeal a piece of cake. You’ll know exactly how to negotiate with the tax assessor and what information to collect and use as evidence for your property tax appeal hearing.

States With Low Property Tax You Should Keep in Mind

In case none of the ways to help you pay property taxes work out, you should look at real estate in other states. Long Island is on the expensive side, but various other options are available. Check out some of the states with low property tax rates:

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