How to Swiftly Obtain Your Louisiana Fishing License

Fishing Licenses How to Swiftly Obtain Your Louisiana Fishing License

How to Obtain Your Louisiana Fishing License Fast

Lakes in Louisiana are plentiful. Some of the best-rated options include Caddo Lake, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Calcasieu Lake, Lake Pontchartrain, and Cross Lake. There's ample fishing space to enjoy in the Bayou State.

Don't head to the water just yet, though. You need to get a Louisiana fishing license first. You probably have many questions regarding how exactly you can go about that. Can I get a Louisiana fishing license online? Is there an out of state Louisiana fishing license available? Do you need a fishing license in Louisiana if you are over 65? Let DoNotPay answer these questions for you and help you obtain your fishing license fast. It takes the stress off your shoulders.

Where Can I Buy a Louisiana Department of Wildlife Fishing License?

You have several options when it comes to buying your LA fishing license. Purchase a Louisiana fishing license from a nearby vendor, online, or via telephone.

How to Buy a License Over the Telephone

  1. Call the Louisiana fishing license phone number which is 225-765-2887.
  2. Follow the prompts given and make sure the questions are answered correctly.
  3. Make your payment via credit or debit card.

How to Get Louisiana Fishing Licenses Online

You're also able to buy a Louisiana fishing license online. Use the Department of Wildlife & Fisheries website to create an account and get everything set up for easy future purchases. If you've never bought a Louisiana online fishing license or even had one in hand, then you can't use the look-up feature.

You'll have to set up a new account using your social security number or ID. Non-residents of the U.S. can use their alternate ID number. Enter your contact information and then follow the prompts to continue with your purchase. The final step is using a debit or credit card to pay the associated fees.

Once your transaction is complete, you need to print a copy of your license. This needs to be on your person at all times while you are hunting or fishing.

How to Get a Louisiana Wildlife Fishing License in Person

You can find local vendors offering Louisiana fishing licenses. The fishing license Baton Rouge residents need is easily obtained at the LDWF office. If you need a fishing license in Lafayette, LA, or in any other city or parish, you can check:

  • your local Walmart
  • a hardware store
  • a fishing store

and see if they offer them. Many do.

How Much Does a Louisiana Game and Fish License Cost?

The price for a game and fish license in Louisiana varies from person to person. It also depends on the exact type of license you're trying to get. For example, a Louisiana nonresident fishing license costs more than a resident version. You also have the option of obtaining a Louisiana one day fishing license or an annual pass. Plus, you can get a combination version for both hunting and fishing or a fishing license only.

The state of Louisiana recently passed a new license fee schedule to incorporate more list items together. Previously, you had to pay separate fees for each type of license you wanted, plus the gear you planned on using. The new fees go into effect on July 1, 2022.

Residents pay:

Hook & line license or roadside crabbing$5
3-day freshwater charter$10
Saltwater fishing, including the use of all necessary gear, crab traps, shrimp trawls, or oyster tongs$15
Basic fishing, including the use of all freshwater gear$17
3-day saltwater charter$20
Sportman's Paradise license$100
Lifetime hunting/fishing combo license$500

Non-residents pay:

10-day pass that includes hook & line fishing or roadside crabbing$5
3-day freshwater charter$10
10-day pass for saltwater fishing and the use of saltwater gear and traps$15
10-day pass for basic fishing and the use of freshwater gear$17
3-day saltwater charter$20
Sportman's Paradise license$400
Lifetime hunting/fishing combo license$4,000

Do Senior Citizens Need a Fishing License in Louisiana?

Seniors also require a fishing license in Louisiana. However, they pay much smaller fees. Seniors born between June 2, 1940 and May 31, 1962 pay just $5 for a combination hunting and fishing license. That amount will increase by June 2027. They'll pay $100 for a lifetime option.

Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Need a License to Fish in LA?

Children younger than 17 years of age are not required to have a fishing license. Anyone born before June 1, 1940 is also not required to have a license, as long as they've lived in Louisiana for at least 6 months. If you fall under either of these two categories, you still need to be sure to have some sort of ID or age verification document on you at all times while fishing, just in case you're stopped.

When Does a Fishing License Expire in Louisiana?

Louisiana fish and game licenses do expire. You typically make an annual purchase, having to buy a new one each year. The Louisiana fishing license expiration date isn't simply one year from your date of purchase though. Purchase at any time during the season, and your license expires on June 30th of the following year.

You can handle your LDWF fishing license renewal early though. Make a purchase on June 1st when licenses go on sale, and yours won't expire until the following year.

What Happens if I Lose My Louisiana Fish and Game License?

If you lose your license, you can get a duplicate for just $2 from a physical location. Otherwise, you can print a copy of a Louisiana fishing license for free if you have an online account with all of your information.

Get Your Fishing License in LA With DoNotPay!

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  3. Provide your contact information, a copy of your government-issued ID, and pay the fee required by the state.


And that's it. In just 3 steps, you can have your Louisiana fishing license purchased so you're ready to get on the water!

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