Loud-Walking Upstairs Neighbor—What To Do When They Become Unbearable

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I Have a Loud-Walking Upstairs Neighbor—What To Do

Dealing with some level of noise in your apartment is necessary. The problem starts when the sounds coming from your neighbors—from loud sex to blasting music—affect your daily life.

The sound of people walking around the apartment typically falls under justifiable, everyday noises. However, if the upstairs neighbors are stomping around like a herd of elephants—disrupting your work or waking up your child—you have the right to complain.

“I have loud-walking upstairs neighbors—what to do” is a question we're going to answer in this article!

When Can I File a Complaint About My Upstairs Neighbor’s Loud Footsteps?

Before filing a complaint about your neighbors’ loud walking, you should check local noise ordinance laws. Every city establishes an acceptable level of noise from your neighbors you must put up with. If your neighbors are renters, you can also check the lease or building’s noise policy to see if they are breaking any rules.

Loud-walking noises are unfortunately difficult to address. Only if the noise is extremely disturbing can you seek help under local noise ordinances. Luckily, there are other ways to handle your neighbor's loud footsteps before resorting to drastic measures.

How Do I Turn Down My Upstairs Neighbors’ Loud Footsteps?

Check out the potential methods of resolving the noise issues with your neighbors:

Ways To Address the Neighbors’ Loud WalkingDescription
Talk to your neighborNeighbors may not be aware of the noise they are making. While sending them a note may sound appealing, addressing the matter face to face will get better results. You should:
  • Start by introducing yourself
  • State the problem as politely as possible
  • Blame the floors for the noise to prevent them from getting defensive
  • Suggest them to put a rug on the floor or wear soft slippers
Knock on the ceiling with a broom handleIf you have talked to the neighbors and they continue being loud, you can try giving them a taste of their own medicine
Make personal adjustmentsA few personal adjustments can make a difference in blocking out the noise from upstairs, such as:
  • Soundproofing your ceiling
  • Buying a white noise machine
  • Using noise-canceling earplugs
Try and compromiseIf your neighbors have a dog or children, you can’t expect them not to make any noise. Your best bet is to ask your neighbors to try minimizing the loudness at a specific time during the day
Talk to the managementIn case the noisy neighbors ignore your complaints, you should talk to the management. Bring up the lease or building noise policy and ask your building manager to take appropriate measures
Issue a demand letterIf nothing works, you can send your neighbors a demand letter. They get one more chance to correct their behavior before you contact the authorities

Create a Demand Letter With DoNotPay

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Solve More Annoying Neighbor Problems With DoNotPay

Many times, disruptive neighbors are impossible to handle without involving the police. The most important step before talking to the authorities is to document the neighbor’s behavior and measures you have taken to resolve the problem.

can teach you how to file an official complaint and what legal actions you can take to stop the nuisance once and for all.

Neighbors can mess up your everyday life with more than noise. Access our comprehensive knowledge base and learn how to deal with all types of annoying or dangerous neighbor behavior, including:

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