Act Quickly To Find Your Lost Dog in New Jersey

Find My Lost Pet Act Quickly To Find Your Lost Dog in New Jersey

How to Recover a Lost Dog in New Jersey 

The number of lost pets in New Jersey is reducing, with many being recovered by owners or adopted by well-wishers. In 2017 alone, out of 33,464 dogs that were impounded, 26.4% were recovered by their owners, while 52% were adopted. This means that chances of finding your dog in New Jersey are high, especially if it's chipped.

Since the state is committed to finding the best outcome for lost pets, it's best to follow instructions keenly to recover your dog safely. In this guide, we'll discuss how you can rescue a lost dog in New Jersey and the tricks to do it faster using DoNotPay.

Can My Dog Find Its Way Home?

Dogs are known for backtracking their way home if lost. However, if your dog takes too long to arrive, then it might be impounded or completely lost. You can try searching in neighborhoods where it was last seen wandering and calling its name to help it find you easier.

If your pet is lost, you should report it missing immediately, but remember, New Jersey is a large state, and you must visit your local shelter to see if your pet is there. You may need to show proof of ownership to the township shelter so they can release a pet to you.

How to Report Your Lost Pet to New Jersey Animal Control

While New Jersey is committed to helping pet owners reunite with their lost pets, state animal control isn't allowed to hold lost and found dogs. They must take them to shelters in respective townships and counties where they were found.

If you want to find your pet faster, it's best to find out where it was last seen roaming and start from there. To report your missing pet to New Jersey animal control, you can follow the following steps: 

  1. Once you discover that your pet is missing, contact municipal animal county offices near the location where your dog was last seen
  2. Looking for local listings of lost pets in the area. Most animal offices have separate sites where they list lost animals impounded there
  3. Check other nearby shelters for a match as your pet may have been taken then by good Samaritans
  4. Check if local veterinarians have received a dog matching your description for treatment

Contact Animal Welfare Association

You can check the Townships served by AWA to see if they have your dog:

Address509 Centennial Blvd, Voorhees, NJ 08043
Phone Number856-424-2288

Next Steps for Finding a Lost Dog in New Jersey If You Can’t Do It Yourself

Sometimes it's difficult to find your pet by yourself. If you can't find your cherished pet no matter how hard you try, then you should call for assistance. DoNotPay can also help you find your pet faster by catering to all the technical aspects of the search, so you just have to wait. 

Here are the steps to using DoNotPay to report lost and found pets:

  1. Search "lost and found pets" on DoNotPay, and select whether you're reporting a lost pet or a pet you've found.


  2. Enter the date and location you lost or found the pet and tell us more about them, including the breed, gender, whether they are wearing a collar, approximate size, and more.


  3. Upload evidence a photo of the pet, so they can be identified, and enter your current contact information where you can be reached with updates.


And that's it! DoNotPay will file the report on your behalf, and make sure your lost or found pet gets recorded in the government directory and they know who to contact if they find a match!

Why Use DoNotPay to Find a Lost Dog in New Jersey

DoNotPay is a popular product that many Americans use to solve their everyday legal issues. No matter how small the issue may appear, we handle it with specialty and care.

We are:

  • Fast- We'll save you the time you'd spend trying to find centers to report your lost dog in New Jersey
  • Easy to Use- You don't have to struggle to fill out tedious forms or keep track of all the processes involved in searching for your dog at the county level
  • Successful- Through our experience, you can rest assured we'll pull every possible resource to find your lost dog in time and safely

DoNotPay Works with All Pets with the Click of a Button

In case you've lost a turtle, bunny, or a different pet and you're wondering about the process involved in finding your pet, DoNotPay can help. We deal with all kinds of pets and often help owners reunite with them safely. You can register for DoNotPay to report the loss of any kind of pet.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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If you've lost your dog in New Jersey, don't worry; you'll get it safe. Use DoNotPay to report your lost dog faster, so animal shelters and control can contact you anytime they find your pet. Register for DoNotPay to start your dog search today.

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