The App That Can Help You Find Your Lost Dog

Find My Lost Pet The App That Can Help You Find Your Lost Dog

The App That Can Help You Find Your Lost Dog

One of the greatest fears of being a pet parent is that they may get lost! Now there is a lost dog app that can help you when your pet has gone missing. Or, if you found a dog or cat, it may be able to help you find its way home.

DoNotPay can help with many of life's problems. Specifically, relative to our four-legged friends it can not only help find them, but get them licensed, write pet custody agreements, and file a report of animal abuse. Let's look a little closer.

What to Do if Your Pet Has Gone Missing

Don't panic! Think about the last time you saw him and take it from there. Check the garage and the backyard. If you are afraid your cat ran away, check all the closets.

If your dog has a license and is wearing a collar with it attached, you are one step ahead. If your cat or dog is microchipped, you can relax a little. When a stray is picked up by animal control, he will be checked for both. And you will be called.

Of course, you can't just sit around and wait. Other things you should do to help find your lost cat or dog include:

  • Posting signs around the neighborhood
  • Telling your neighbors and friends in the area
  • Telling your mail carrier
  • Calling local groomers and veterinary offices
  • Driving around your neighborhood with someone else along to help scout
  • Physically checking any local shelters and calling local rescues groups
  • Posting to local rescue groups Facebook pages

Some of these things you should be doing daily or even more often, such as driving around looking and visiting the local shelters. You should also file a missing pet report.

Things to Do if You Find a Stray

Stray pets are often scared. Remain calm and see if he shows any signs of aggression before you approach him. If he comes to you, tail wagging, all the better.

Check for TagsIf the pet is wearing a collar look at the tags. Many pet owners have a tag with the pet's name on one side and the owner's phone number on the other. Failing that, the pet may be wearing a license tag. If that is the case, write down the number and call local animal control. You may be able to receive contact information for the owner, or animal control may ask for your contact information and call the owner for you.
Check for a MicrochipIf the pet has no outward identification, he may have a microchip. You can take the animal to the nearest animal shelter or a local veterinarian to have it scanned. The microchip database will have contact information on file.
Check the Lost Pet DatabaseYour local animal control will share if it has a lost pet database. If the owner has reported the animal missing, he would be listed there.
Take Similar Steps as Someone Who Has Lost a PetWhen you find a lost dog or cat, many of the same suggestions for if you lost a pet apply.

  1. Post signs around the neighborhood
  2. Tell your neighbors and friends in the area
  3. Tell the mail carrier
  4. Call local groomers and veterinary offices
  5. Post to local Facebook lost and found pages
Care for the Pet in Your HomeWhile looking for the pet's owner, you likely have become fond of the critter. See if there is a found pet report you can file with local animal control and tell veterinarians and groomers in the area you are caring for the animal.
Take the Critter to the Local Animal ShelterIf you are unable to care for the dog or cat you have found, take it to the nearest animal shelter. The animal will be held for the time designated by the laws of your state to find the owner.

Reporting a Lost Pet on Your Own

You will need to look up the name and number of animal control or your local shelter. Each authority has its own methods of accepting reports for lost pets. It could be over the phone, by email, through its website, or a local visit to the shelter.

Timing is important! When strays are impounded, they may only have the length of time allotted by law. Following that, the pet can be evaluated by shelter staff for adaptability. Your pet could be listed as available or euthanized depending upon their decision.

Using DoNotPay to Report Your Lost Pet

DoNotPay is an app used to track lost pets. It is simple and, importantly, quick to use and you do not have to wait for normal business hours to report your lost pet.

Just follow these three steps, any time of day:

  1. Search "lost and found pets" on DoNotPay, and select whether you're reporting a lost pet or a pet you've found.


  2. Enter the date and location you lost or found the pet and tell us more about them, including the breed, gender, whether they are wearing a collar, approximate size, and more.


  3. Upload evidence a photo of the pet, so they can be identified, and enter your current contact information where you can be reached with updates.


While DoNotPay cannot go out and find your lost dog or cat, it can get the word out fast! You won't be wasting precious time trying to track down another reporting method. Once your report is filed, you can get on with your search.

Other Things DoNotPay Can Help You With

We have shared the ways DoNotPay can help with your pets and help stop animal abuse, but there is so much more DoNotPay can do for you. From taking on legal tasks to finding unclaimed money, you can put the lost dog app to work for you in many ways.

Other chores it can help you with:

Visit DoNotPay and discover all the things it can do for you. Its features are endless.

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