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Create a Remarkable Loan Modification Agreement With Zero Effort

A loan is an unavoidable step for most individuals who decide to purchase a home or make an investment. People will accept the proposed terms when signing a loan agreement, but their financial situation and needs may change. Such cases require a loan modification agreement.

If you have never written a legal document yourself, we’re here to help you out! Find out what loan modifications are and get a modification contract by using our practical tips. We will show you how to draw it up without wasting your time on manual drafts or vague online templates!

Loan Modification Agreements in a Few Words

A loan modification agreement is a specific contract that allows changes to an existing loan agreement. It’s signed by:

  • A borrower—a person who has already signed a loan agreement with a specific institution or individual
  • A lender—an entity that provides a loan to the borrower

Borrowers usually apply for such modifications due to financial difficulties preventing them from paying monthly installments for a certain period. It’s also the best solution for people who aren’t eligible to refinance. 

The document provides an overview of the requested alterations and long-term solutions for their particular situation. The most common type of a loan modification contract is a mortgage modification agreement.

Steps To Take Before Signing a Mortgage Modification Agreement

Before signing a modification contract with your bank or lender, you must go through several preparatory steps:

  1. Collecting the necessary financial evidence, including:
    • Mortgage statements
    • Information about other monthly payments
    • General income information
    • Tax information, including IRS Form 4506-T
  2. Contacting the lender
  3. Explaining the hardships you are experiencing—You must convince the lender that your reasons for requesting a modification are solid enough
  4. Negotiating the potential modifications 

Once you define the changes you want to make to your existing mortgage loan contract, you can start writing a new one.

What Modifications Can You Request From the Lender?

Most lenders offer the following modification methods:

  • Interest rate reduction—If the lender reduces your interest rates, you will pay lower monthly installments
  • Mortgage term extension—You can choose to increase the number of years you have to repay your debts, but this option may increase your interest 
  • Mortgage term change—It lets you switch from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate one and set a more affordable monthly amount
  • Pausing loan payments—The lender can stop your loan payments for a certain period if you face unexpected costs

What Clauses Should a Mortgage Modification Agreement Cover?

The exact provisions you will cover in your mortgage modification contract depend on the particular case. If the changes are minor, your agreement won’t be too long, and it will be easier to draft. If you need to modify several elements of your original loan agreement, this task will get more challenging.

There are some essential clauses you shouldn’t skip regardless of the situation. Some are listed below: 

  1. Name and title of the borrower
  2. Name and title of the lender
  3. Effective date—the date when the agreement starts
  4. Short description of the original mortgage loan agreement—If you have a copy of the primary contract, you can attach it to the new document
  5. Modifications of the existing terms—a detailed list of all changes you have made to the primary agreement
  6. Borrower’s representations and warranties 
  7. No novation clause—a part stating that none of the clauses from the new contract can be modified
  8. Signatures of the borrower and lender

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