LLC Operating Agreement in Missouri Explained

Standardized Legal Documents LLC Operating Agreement in Missouri Explained

The Best Way To Rock Your LLC Operating Agreement in Missouri

Making a limited liability company (LLC) in Missouri requires numerous steps that may confuse you if you don’t have experience with similar ventures. What matters the most is to fortify your business with an appropriate legal document, such as an operating agreement

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LLC Operating Agreements in a Few Words

An LLC operating agreement is a contract that lays out all responsibilities and expectations of the LLC owners. It also outlines the general characteristics, management structure, finances, and internal operations of the company.

There are two types of operational agreements:

  1. Single-member LLC operating agreement—When an LLC has one owner
  2. Multi-member LLC operating agreement—When multiple owners run one LLC

Signing such a contract brings numerous benefits. Among others, it:

  • Prevents disputes by determining the exact ownership percentage
  • Minimizes confusion by establishing clear rules and regulations
  • Protects the owners from personal liability
  • Represents valid evidence in court if there are any conflicts or rule violations

Do All LLCs in Missouri Require Operating Agreements?

Missouri is one of the six states requiring every LLC to have an operating agreement. All applicable rules are described in Section 347.081 of Missouri Statutes

Steps To Take Before Creating an Operating Agreement for LLC in Missouri

Before you start drawing up your LLC operating agreement, you must get acquainted with the necessary steps preceding the contract creation:

  1. Determining whether your LLC will be domestic or foreign
  2. Naming the LLC 
  3. Registering basic details about your business, such as purpose, effective date, etc.
  4. Identifying a registered agent
  5. Determining LLC organizers
  6. Reviewing all information provided
  7. Paying the filing fee—from $50 to $150

Once the filing is complete, you can start drafting your operating agreement. 

What Disclosures Should Your Missouri LLC Operating Agreement Have?

The list below shows the basic provisions you should include in your LLC operating agreement:

  1. Legal name and physical address of the owner and registered members
  2. Legal name and mailing address of the registered agent
  3. Information about the particular company (name, address, purpose, duration of the LLC, etc.)
  4. Date of founding the LLC
  5. Business purpose
  6. General business overview (type, term, etc.)
  7. Capital contribution of the members
  8. Details of the internal LLC management (structure, procedures, job titles, roles of the members, etc.)
  9. Allocation of profit and losses among the members
  10. Ownership percentage details
  11. Compensation
  12. Bookkeeping and tax treatment
  13. Resignation and retirement procedures
  14. Voting rights
  15. Potential agreement alterations
  16. LLC dissolving procedure

Not all of these sections are required. You can leave out the ones that don’t resonate with your LLC or add others that aren’t on the list if necessary.

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