All You Need To Know About Getting a Living Will in Nevada

Advance Health Care Directive All You Need To Know About Getting a Living Will in Nevada

How To Create a Living Will in Nevada With No Fuss

An advance health care directive helps you express your wishes regarding medical care in writing or through a health care agent you assign before you become incapacitated.

In Nevada, one of the advance health care directive forms that reflects your preferences for medical treatment in writing is known as the living will. Learn what a living will in Nevada entails and how to create yours in a hitch with DoNotPay!

Who Needs a Nevada Living Will Form?

A living will form notifies the declarant’s assigned medical practitioner, family, and friends about any life-sustaining treatment they (don’t) want to receive. The document comes into effect when the declarant is terminally ill and refers to types of treatment that can prolong their life but are highly unlikely to cure them.

Unlike a medical power of attorney (also known as a health care proxy, not to be mistaken with a standard power of attorney), which you can use to assign a health care representative to make decisions for you, a living will ensures your personal preferences are respected and carried out.

Who Can Create a NV Living Will?

The legal requirements to create a living will in Nevada are the following:

  1. The living will must be created using the sample form from Nevada Revised Statutes Sections 449-610 and 449-613 or similar
  2. The declarant must be an emancipated minor or 18 years old or older
  3. The living will must be signed by the declarant or another person according to their instruction, and two witnesses
  4. The living will must be notarized

Your witness cannot be:

  • Your health care agent (if you have a health care proxy or medical power of attorney in Nevada)
  • Your health care provider or any of their employees
  • An operator or employee of a medical treatment facility

At least one of your witnesses mustn’t be:

  • Related to you
  • Entitled to a piece of your property after death

This part of a Nevada advance health care directive isn’t valid until the declarant gets a notary public to verify the signatures.

What Should Every Nevada Living Will Contain?

Every Nevada living will contains mandatory and optional fields. The table below clarifies all information you can include in a Nevada living will:

Mandatory FieldsOptional Requests
  • The declarant’s initials at the end of each page of the document (for verification)
  • Date
  • Basic information about the declarant and the two witnesses
  • The declarant’s signature
  • Signatures of the two witnesses
  • Intent to refuse medical care (if the declarant rejects life-sustaining treatment)
  • Specifics regarding pain management methods and comfort care
  • Basic hygiene and grooming requests
  • Need for support (including visitations even while the declarant is incapacitated)
  • Spiritual and emotional support (bringing a priest to visitations and trying to remain as cheerful around the declarant as possible)
  • Preferences regarding:
    • Outdoor activities
    • End-of-life location
    • Music the declarant would like to listen to during visitations and treatment
    • Requesting forgiveness from loved ones
    • The declarant’s memorial service

All of these fields ensure that, in the worst-case scenario, you get the end-of-life care you wish for, both medical and psychological.

Do You Need a Lawyer To Create a Living Will in Nevada?

A living will can be a lengthy document, depending on the details you wish to include. Keeping track of all the mandatory and optional details without prior writing or legal experience is a challenge on its own. Nevada residents often resort to hiring a lawyer to avoid missing any relevant information, but that can be expensive.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get a rock-solid living will. DoNotPay offers a tool that can help you draft your living will in a matter of minutes!

Create a Living Will in Nevada the Simple Way With DoNotPay

Approaching the final stages of your life is difficult enough, so creating a living will shouldn’t be a hassle on top of that. DoNotPay takes the burden of creating any advance health care directive off of your shoulders, and all you need to do is:

  1. Access your DoNotPay account
  2. Select the Advance Health Care Directive product
  3. Enter your preferences regarding medical treatment

After completing all steps, you will receive a personalized document that’s ready to be signed and notarized. Are you having trouble finding a notary public in Nevada? Check out our online notaries and get your advance health care directive notarized from the comfort of your home.

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