Living Will in NC Explained in Detail

Advance Health Care Directive Living Will in NC Explained in Detail

How To Make a Living Will in NC—A Detailed Guide

If you want to make medical decisions easier for your health care providers, you should provide them with a proper legal document containing instructions. Advance directives for health care differ among the states, and in NC, they consist of:

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Living Will in North Carolina—All You Need To Know

In North Carolina, a living will is known as an advance directive for a natural death. This document is used to provide your health care providers with instructions regarding your treatment. You can state whether you want to withhold or withdraw life-prolonging measures in specific scenarios.

A living will comes into effect when your doctor determines that you:

  1. Are in a persistent vegetative state
  2. Have a terminal or irreversible disease
  3. Have an end-stage condition, which results in complete physical dependency

Creating a Living Will in NC—What Options Are There?

Since a living will deals with serious matters, it is paramount to create this document properly. Check out your options in the table below:

How To Make a Living Will in NCDetails
Hire a lawyer
  • It will get you the wanted results
  • You will have to deal with sky-high lawyer fees
Write the document on your own
  • You might save some money compared to hiring a lawyer
  • It is likely that you will not succeed in making the document properly by customizing online forms on your own
Use DoNotPay
  • It will save you time and money
  • You will get a rock-solid document that complies with your state’s regulations

Draw Up a Living Will in North Carolina With DoNotPay’s Assistance

DoNotPay offers you a straightforward way of making a living will. You can rest assured that the document we make for you will contain all the necessary info required by North Carolina law. Here are the only steps you need to complete:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Locate the Advance Health Care Directive product
  3. Specify who your primary agent is
  4. Include all the required medical information (doctor, hospital, etc.)
  5. Type in the names of the individuals who will witness you sign the legal document

Health Care Power of Attorney in North Carolina

In addition to a living will, you can create another type of advance directive in North Carolina. This document is called a health care power of attorney, but it goes by other names as well, including:

Keep in mind that some states recognize the differences between a health care proxy and a medical power of attorney.

The point of making this document is to appoint a health care agent. This person will be in charge of making medical decisions in situations when you cannot do so yourself.

How Can You Make a North Carolina Advance Directive Legal?

Under North Carolina law, you are required to sign an advance directive in front of two adult witnesses. These individuals cannot:

  • Be related to you or your spouse
  • Be entitled to any portion of your estate upon your death
  • Have any claim against you or your estate
  • Be your physician or an employee in the health care facility in which you are a patient

In North Carolina, it is mandatory to have your document notarized by a notary public after you and the witnesses have signed it.

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