Everything You Need To Know About a Living Will in Kentucky

How To Create a Living Will in Kentucky

What type of health care would you like to receive if you were incapacitated? You can express your medical care preferences by completing a living will.

Kentucky law allows you to accept or refuse various types of medical treatment in case of emergencies or end-of-life situations. This guide will explain everything about a KY living will and show you the easiest way to create it—by .

What Is a Kentucky Advance Directive?

An advance health care directive is a document that specifies the kind of medical treatment you would like to receive if you're unable to communicate your wishes. It can also identify the person who will ensure that your wishes are honored by health care providers. Kentucky law recognizes different types of advance directives:

  1. Living will—Lets you list your emergency and end-of-life health care preferences
  2. Health care surrogate designation—Allows you to designate someone who can make health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated. The document is also called a health care proxy or medical power of attorney

You don’t have to complete separate forms. The Kentucky living will packet allows you to combine a state-specific power of attorney and living will into a single document.

It’s also important to know the difference between a health care proxy and a standard durable power of attorney—you should use the latter if you want someone to handle your financial affairs when you are incapacitated.

Overview of the Kentucky Living Will Form

Kentucky provides a living will form that any adult individual (at least 18 years old) of sound mind can fill out. You can also write a living will that captures your wishes. The Kentucky Living Will Directive Act of 1994 provides the necessary guidelines if you decide to create a living will from scratch.

How To Complete a Kentucky Living Will Form

The table below outlines different sections of the living will form:

Kentucky Living Will Form SectionDetails
Personal detailsWrite your full name and birth date
Designation of a health care surrogateFill out this part if you would like to appoint someone to make health care decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself. There are no restrictions on who you can choose as your health care surrogate
Living willComplete this section if you want to specify the kinds of life-sustaining treatments you would or wouldn’t like to receive if you were permanently unconscious. Those include:
  • Being on a life support machine
  • Getting artificial nutrition and hydration
Surrogate determination of best interestUse this section to state whether you would like your agent’s decisions to overrule your written wishes. You can only complete this section if you have already completed the previous two
Organ/tissue donationState whether you wish to donate all or a part of your body upon death
Sign and dateSign the form in the presence of a notary public or two witnesses who are not your:
  • Relatives
  • Heirs
  • Health care providers/physicians
  • Guardians

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