How To Secure Your Medical Care Wishes With a Living Will in Iowa

Advance Health Care Directive How To Secure Your Medical Care Wishes With a Living Will in Iowa

Getting Familiar With a Living Will in Iowa

Medical emergencies and serious illnesses can surprise anyone. If you are too ill or incapacitated, your loved ones may make some decisions in your stead that don’t match your health treatment preferences. To prevent such situations, you should create a living will while you are still capable of making your own medical care choices.

The concept of a living will varies from state to state. This article will explain the intricacies of the living will in Iowa and shed some light on its components. You will also get exclusive tips on getting customized health care proxies and other health care directives in minutes by subscribing to DoNotPay!

Iowa Living Wills in a Few Words

A living will in Iowa is a document that directs how the doctors who treat you should act if you get terminally ill or permanently unconscious. It authorizes medical personnel to withhold or withdraw specific treatments and interventions that could prolong your life if something happens to you. While living wills in other states may refer to any form of incapacitation, the ones in Iowa come into effect only if there are no chances of recovery.

The document is also called an advance care directive in Iowa and often goes along with a medical power of attorney. The latter form allows another individual—your attorney-in-fact or health care agent— to decide about your life-sustaining options if you can’t do it. It doesn’t cover the same matters as a standard/financial power of attorney as it addresses medical care issues only.

What Does It Take To Get a Valid Advance Directive in Iowa?

Section 144A of the Iowa Code states that you must comply with the following requirements to make your living will legally binding:

  1. Your declaration must be written down—oral statements don’t count
  2. The document must be signed by:
    1. You or the person you authorized to sign documents on your behalf
    2. Two witnesses not related to you by blood or marriage
    3. Notary public
  3. Your primary physician must have a copy of the declaration, as well as your family doctor—if it’s not the same person

If all these criteria are met, your living will also be effective in other states if you move house or end up as a patient somewhere else.

Parts of a Living Will Form in Iowa

Whether you want to create an Iowa living will yourself or by using a template, you must ensure the document contains the components listed below:

DeclarationThe first section of the living will should include:

  • Declaration stating whether you want to undergo life-sustaining procedures or treatments
  • Date of signature
Declarant’s infoThis part should contain your:

  • Printed name
  • Mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Signature
Witness/notary public sectionThe last section must include:

  • Printed names, signatures, and addresses of both witnesses
  • Name of the county
  • Signature and stamp provided by a notary public

How To Revoke an Iowa Advance Directive

You are free to revoke your living will orally or in writing as long as you can communicate, regardless of your physical or mental state. The only way to do it is to inform your designated medical practitioner about your decision.

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