All There Is To Know About a Living Will in Hawaii

Advance Health Care Directive All There Is To Know About a Living Will in Hawaii

All You Wanted To Ask About a Living Will in Hawaii

Are you thinking about jotting down all your health-associated wishes and preferences in a living will? To create such a document in Hawaii, you need to be acquainted with its essentials and know what the preparation procedure looks like. For this reason, we offer you a comprehensive guide to getting a living will in Hawaii with no complications or writing skills!

The Living Will in Hawaii Broken Down

In Hawaii, a living will is a part of a state-specific advance directive form. It contains specific health-related guidelines for your family and medical staff that should be referred to if you become incapable of communicating your wishes. This document is usually combined with the state’s health care proxy or medical power of attorney, which differs from the financial power of attorney.

Most Common Questions About a Living Will in Hawaii

The table below solves some of the most common dilemmas concerning a Hawaii living will:

What law regulates the Hawaii living will?
What are the requirements for preparing a valid living will?
  • You must be mentally competent and above the age of 18
  • The document must be:
    • In written form
    • Dated
    • Signed and witnessed by two adult individuals
  • The signatures must be notarized
Is a Hawaii living will valid in other states?
  • Yes
What wishes can you address in your living will?Any wishes and preferences related to:

  • Medical personnel that treats you
  • Medical treatments and medications you want or don’t want to receive
  • CPR and other resuscitation methods
  • Receiving foods and fluids via a tube
  • Mechanical respiration
  • Pain relief
  • Hospice/palliative care
  • Anatomical gifts and organ donation
  • Funeral plans and the disposal of your remains
Who can’t witness the signing of your living will?
  • Your health care provider or their employees
  • Owners of the hospice care facility or nursing home you are attending
  • Your health care surrogate
  • Spouse, relatives, or adopted children
  • Persons who are entitled to receive a portion of your estate after your death
Who should get a copy of the document?
  • Family
  • Close friends
  • Health care agent
  • Health care provider
  • Designated physician
  • Spiritual advisor
  • Anyone involved in your medical treatment

What Elements Does a Hawaii Living Will Consist Of?

The state of Hawaii doesn’t propose an official living will form, but you can:

If you decide to find an appropriate form or compose the document yourself, you should be aware of the basic parts of any solid living will. The document should include:

  • Date of signing
  • Your legal name and address
  • List of situations in which your living will becomes effective
  • Precise health care and treatment instructions
  • Ethical, religious, or spiritual instructions
  • Designation of your primary physician
  • Additional wishes
  • Signatures of all participating parties

Can You Revoke a Living Will in Hawaii?

Yes—a Hawaii living will can be revoked easily by:

  1. Providing a signed statement that confirms the revocation witnessed by two adults
  2. Making an oral revocation statement in front of two witnesses
  3. Making an oral revocation statement in front of your primary medical practitioner
  4. Destroying a physical copy of the document

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