Do You Need a Living Will in Georgia?

Advance Health Care Directive Do You Need a Living Will in Georgia?

The Ins and Outs of a Living Will in Georgia

Are you mulling over possible health issues you could face in the future? If you’d like to make sure your family members don’t make wrong decisions about your medical treatment—when you are unable to express your own wishes—you should get familiar with a:

The above-listed documents could help pave your way to a more secure health care future.

As states use different laws that you need to obey when drafting these documents, this article provides information about a living will in Georgia.

What Is a Living Will Form in Georgia?

A Georgia living will is a form that is part of a Georgia advance directive, i.e., a more comprehensive legal document that can also include a Georgia medical power of attorney.

You should create a living will if you’d like to express your wishes regarding:

  1. End-of-life care
  2. Death-delaying procedures
  3. Artificial administration of food and water

Keep in mind that a living will in GA becomes effective if two doctors certify that you are:

  • In a coma without the credible prospect of recovery
  • Terminally ill
  • In a persistent vegetative condition

A Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will Form in GA

You can create both a medical power of attorney—sometimes also called a health care proxy—and living will as part of an advance health directive in Georgia.

A health care power of attorney lets you:

  1. Name an agent to decide about your health care in case you cannot do so for yourself
  2. Indicate what powers you are granting your agent

You don’t have to draft a Georgia living will form if you have authorized your health care agent to make decisions about life-sustaining procedures on your behalf. It might be a good idea to make a living will if:

  • You cannot communicate your preferences for health care
  • The agent is not available or willing to deal with certain death-delaying procedures
  • Your family members disagree with your agent’s decisions

Keep in mind that a power of attorney shouldn’t be confused with a health care proxy document.

How To Write a Living Will in Georgia

If you’re wondering how you could prepare a GA living will form, check out the following table outlining available options:

Draw Up a Living Will in GeorgiaSpecifics
Get a lawyer to do itKeep in mind that you:

Find a Georgia living will templateIf you’d like to create a living will yourself, you should:

  1. Search for a free Georgia living will form
  2. Inspect it thoroughly to ensure it fulfills legal requirements and your needs
Use DoNotPayOur AI-powered app:

  • Knows what state laws your living will must comply with
  • Ensures your health care preferences fit the legal framework

DoNotPay Is the Right Way to a Top-Notch Living Will

Our robot lawyer can generate a watertight living will, advance directive, or medical power of attorney for you in minutes!

To get your health care document, sign up for DoNotPay and take these steps:

  1. Type in Advance Health Care Directive in the search box
  2. Enter the names of your health care agent and witnesses
  3. Specify the powers you are granting your agent
  4. List your preferences for health care

If you’d like to get the document notarized, DoNotPay will help with this matter, too. We can connect you with an online notary public 24/7!

What Makes a GA Living Will Valid

To make a GA living will, medical power of attorney, and advance directive valid, you need to sign the document in front of two witnesses. Keep in mind that your witnesses:

  • Must be:
    • Over 18 years of age
    • Of sound mind
  • Cannot be:
    • Your health care agent
    • People who will gain a financial benefit from your death
    • Someone who is connected with your medical care

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