Create a Living Will in Alabama With Zero Hassle Using DoNotPay

Advance Health Care Directive Create a Living Will in Alabama With Zero Hassle Using DoNotPay

Living Will in Alabama—All You Should Know

The only way to ensure that your wishes regarding medical treatments will be respected is by creating a living will. You should get familiar with how a living will works in your state and what costs come with making one.

DoNotPay can provide you with all this information and help you generate a living will in Alabama.

What Is Considered a Living Will in Alabama?

A living will is a type of Alabama advance directive that permits you to express your wishes about medical treatments in advance. This document is used in situations when you cannot communicate due to being:

  1. Terminally ill
  2. Permanently unconscious

A living will comes into effect when doctors decide that you are dealing with one of those states. If you complete the document properly, doctors and nurses will need to respect your wishes and follow the provided instructions.

What Is the Other Type of Advance Directive in Alabama?

The other type of advance directive in Alabama is called a health care proxy. You can choose to make both a living will and this document or only one.

A health care proxy goes by other names, such as a medical power of attorney. Some states recognize slight differences between the two.

In Alabama, a health care proxy is used to designate an individual who will make health care decisions on your behalf.

Who Can You Appoint as Your Attorney-in-Fact?

The person who you appoint as your attorney-in-fact for health care decisions needs to be a competent adult. They should be someone you trust and know is capable of making important decisions on your behalf. People usually designate their:

  • Adult children
  • Close friends
  • Spouses

How To Make an Alabama Advance Directive Valid

To make a living will or a health care proxy legally binding in Alabama, you need to sign the document in the presence of two witnesses who are at least 19 years old. These individuals cannot be:

  • Your agent
  • Entitled to any portion of your estate upon your death
  • Directly financially responsible for your health care
  • Related to you by blood, adoption, or marriage

You do not need to get this legal document notarized in Alabama.

Can You Revoke a Living Will in Alabama?

The Cotton State lets you revoke your advance directive at any time. You can do this by:

  • Destroying the form (burning or tearing it, for example)
  • Executing a formal statement that you have changed your mind
  • Directing another individual to execute a written revocation
  • Expressing your intent to revoke an advance directive orally in the presence of a witness who is at least 19 years old

Ways To Create a Living Will in Alabama

Since a living will deals with such important matters, it is paramount to create the document in accordance with Alabama law. Take a look at the table below to see your options and choose the best one:

How To Make a LivingBenefitsDownsides
Have an attorney draft itGetting a well-written documentSpending a small fortune on lawyer fees
Use online formsSaving some money compared to hiring legal assistanceRisking to make an invalid document due to the lack of required legal knowledge
Register for DoNotPayGetting an airtight living will and saving money/

Use DoNotPay To Generate a Living Will in Alabama With Zero Effort

DoNotPay offers you a straightforward way of making an advance directive aligned with Alabama requirements. Our AI-powered app makes sure the document covers all your wishes and instructions. You only need to complete these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Select the Advance Health Care Directive product
  3. Designate your agent and choose the powers you want to transfer to them
  4. Enter the names of the people who will witness you sign the document

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