Find Out More About Lincoln County, Oregon, Jury Duty

Get the Gist of Lincoln County, Oregon, Jury Duty

A jury trial in the U.S. is important as it allows every citizen to have a fair and unbiased hearing. Have you been summoned for Lincoln County, Oregon, jury duty? Knowing all the laws—both on the federal and state level—is crucial if you want to prepare yourself for the service.

Our article will explain how jury duty works in your county and help you prepare a professional leave request letter!

Lincoln County Jury Duty 101

Jurors in Lincoln County, Oregon, are chosen randomly from the voter registration database and Department of Motor Vehicles records. You will be summoned for jury duty if you are:

  • A citizen of the United States
  • A resident of Lincoln County
  • At least 18 years old

You also mustn't have been summoned for jury duty within the last two years or convicted of a felony that involves violence or dishonesty.

When you receive the summons, you must:

  1. Fill out the qualification form you received with the summons
  2. Mail the form back to the court
  3. Go to your local courthouse
  4. Answer the jury commissioner's questions so they can determine whether you qualify for the service (the questionnaire will help determine whether you’d be an unbiased juror)

Your service will last for the whole duration of the trial. Most trials are one to five days long.

What Happens if You Skip Jury Duty in Lincoln County?

As jury duty is a civic obligation of every citizen, the court will issue an order requiring that you appear in court if you fail to show up or don’t respond. If you ignore the order, you will be held in contempt of court.

You are exempt from jury duty in Lincoln County if you are:

  • Older than 70
  • Breastfeeding mother
  • Policeman
  • Firefighter
  • Active member of the Oregon National Guard
  • Active member of the Oregon Air National Guard
  • Elected official
  • Active duty member of the U.S. armed forces

Do You Get Paid for Jury Duty in Lincoln County?

Unlike federal jurors who get paid $50 per day, Oregon courts offer varying compensation, as shown in the following table:

First and Second Day of Jury DutyThird and Subsequent Days of Jury Duty
$10 per day$25 per day

You will also be compensated for travel expenses by:

  • Having the cost of TriMet tickets paid regardless of the distance
  • Receiving a reimbursement of $0.20 per mile for the distance traveled between your home and the Jury Assembly Room (if you travel by car)

Under Oregon Statute 10.061(3), you will have to waive jury fees if your employer provides paid leave for jury duty.

Lincoln County, Oregon, Jury Duty—Can You Get Fired for Taking Time Off To Serve?

Employers in the U.S. aren’t allowed to fire or penalize their employees for taking time off to serve as jurors. While you won’t get fired, you are obligated to notify your employer of your absence by writing a leave request letter and submitting your summons to help them verify your jury duty.

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