Limited Power of Attorney in Texas Explained

Need Interim or Specific Help With Your Lone Star State Finances? A Limited Power of Attorney in Texas Can Do the Job!

As a Texan, there may be a time when you are not able to handle your financial affairs for a period. You may also need help with a specific aspect of your Texas money matters.

This is when a limited power of attorney could be your best course of action.

DoNotPay can help you with the lowdown on a limited power of attorney in Texas—when you need one, how it works, and how you can set it up.

What Is a Limited Power of Attorney Under Texas Law?

A financial power of attorney is a legal document that allows a designated person to manage your financial affairs for you.

The person you designate—known as an agent in Texas—is allowed to:

  • Access your bank accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Deal with your tax matters
  • Represent you towards creditors and financial institutions
  • Pay for your family’s support

A limited POA gives your agent limited power or a limited agency period. This means that the POA terminates automatically when:

  • The set period has elapsed
  • The task has been completed

A limited POA is a useful tool to hand over responsibility for aspects of your finances for a short time.

When Do You Need a Limited Power of Attorney in Texas?

A limited POA can be used in the following circumstances:

  1. Prolonged absence
  2. Medical care and rehab
  3. Investment strategy execution
  4. Business agreement ratification on your behalf

Prolonged Absence

If you are going to be unavailable for a prolonged time, you can use a limited POA to have your agent manage your affairs while you are away. The limit would involve the timeframe of the POA.

Medical Care and Rehab

Unavailability due to an operation and subsequent rehab, or an illness that requires a period of absence for isolation or in-patient treatment, is an opportunity to appoint an agent under a limited POA.

Investment Strategy Execution

Complicated financial dealings, such as investment portfolio management or property deals, require an expert hand. You can grant a limited POA to a financial advisor to act on your behalf for specific deals or transactions.

Business Agreement Ratification on Your Behalf

If you cannot be present for the signing of a contract, you can use a limited POA to appoint an agent to represent you.

Does Texas Have Any Special Laws for Powers of Attorney?

Anyone aged 18 or over in Texas can grant a power of attorney or become an agent.

The only requirement under Texas state law is that the POA is dated and signed in the presence of a Texas notary public or an online notary.

How Do You Set Up a Limited Power of Attorney in Texas?

The Texas state government provides a ready-made form for a durable power of attorney, but you will need to prepare a limited POA document yourself.

The document can be in the form of a POA letter, but it should address the following:

POA ElementExplanation
Choice of agentYou should only choose an agent you trust completely to perform the task in your best interests. Your agent could be a:
  • Friend or business partner
  • Trusted financial adviser
  • Family member
Time frameThe length of your POA should be stated clearly. It will normally become valid on the date of signature
Scope of POAYou need to clarify exactly what your agent is required to do. If you want to give added clarity to the POA, you can list exclusions or prohibited areas of involvement

You may feel you need a lawyer to help you prepare your limited power of attorney. You should go through the expense and hassle of hiring one—you can !

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