How To Write a Proper Letter of Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents How To Write a Proper Letter of Agreement

How To Rock Your Letter of Agreement

Legal documents are the best way to establish a contractual relationship with another person. They may refer to various situations, but their primary purpose is to protect you by providing clear rules both sides need to comply with. 

People usually find creating these documents difficult due to the numerous complicated terms and rules that apply. They don’t know how to write a contract and include all the necessary details. 

The letter of agreement can be used to regulate various relations and is often a part of buy/sell and real estate deals. Composing a letter of agreement on your own may seem daunting, but with our help, you can learn to make it.

What Is a Letter of Agreement?

The agreement letter is a legal document that outlines specific relationship terms between two parties. It’s usually used in negotiations and as a pre-contract document. Its main goal is to clearly define the responsibilities of both parties to prevent any problems or disputes that may occur. 

The letter of agreement can be used to regulate various relations and is often a part of buy/sell and real estate deals.

Why Is the Letter of Agreement Important?

The transparent nature of an agreement letter brings many benefits—you can see some of them in the table below:


Strengthens the legality

A document like this ensures you are protected in case the other person fails to comply with the prescribed rules

Reminds you of your responsibilities

The agreement letter protects you, but it protects the other party too. One of its purposes is to remind you of your duties and the rules you need to comply with

Gives you insight into other party’s responsibilities

The document clearly defines all the rules the other party or contractor needs to obey. Being aware of their responsibilities helps you make sure they are in line with the proposed regulations

Gives you and the other party enough space to expose your conditions

The agreement letter includes all the conditions you and the other person have, no matter how extensive the list of your requirements is

Prevents confusion

With all the regulations being clearly stated, you will always know how to act and what you should or shouldn’t do while under the agreement. Knowing the rules will also help you avoid problems and misunderstandings with the other party

What Are the Mandatory Parts of an Agreement Letter?

If you are the one making an offer, you will probably be responsible for creating an agreement. Since the agreement letter is of utmost importance, it’s crucial to know exactly what to include in it. 

Here are the main points:

  1. Names and contact detail of both parties
  2. Location/legislation applicable to the agreement in question
  3. Subject of negotiations
  4. Terms and conditions related to the offer
  5. Payment terms—if applicable
  6. Additional costs
  7. Start and end date of the agreement
  8. Signatures of both parties

Is the Agreement Letter Legally Binding?

Should the letter of agreement you created contain signatures of both interested parties, it’s legally binding. If the other party doesn’t comply with the requirements stated in your agreement, you can present the signed document to the court as relevant proof.

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